Kamioooka : how control it with a controller?

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Post Mon Jan 13, 2014 9:17 am


I discovered Kamioooka recently and I like it.

I would have liked to control Kamioooka in Cubase using a controller (Minilab from Arturia) and consequently I looked in your site for an implementation table of this synthesizer giving for each knob its corresponding Midi control change. But I didn't find such a table. I was just able to control the main volume knob with my controller.

Have someone succeed to control Kamioooka with a controller? Have someone got this sort of table of parameters? If Kamioooka's knobs are not built using MIDI CC, what parameter are used (VST parameters?). How can I manage it?

Could G200kg help me on this topic?

Thanks in advance for your answers.


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Re: Kamioooka : how control it with a controller?

Post Thu Feb 20, 2014 11:10 am

If I may jump in here and please understand I am a neophyte so if I sound like an idiot please excuse me.

I'm controlling Kamioooka with my Alesis Photon X25 and this is how I do it. My DAW is Reaper and when you create 'Insert virtual instrument on new track' Kamioooka (or any other VSTi) is loaded and displayed in a window with a few selectors across the top. The third selector over is a button with 'Param' on it. Once you select it a drop down shows and the seventh option down is 'FX Parameter list'. Select it and the second drop down shows and the first option is 'Show in-track controls'. Once you hover over the option a third (very long) drop down is shown with every possible slider/button/knob option for the Kamiooka modular. Once you select a controller option then that modules parameter is slaved to a controller that is displayed in the track header as a small knob (e.g. 'M2Knb1). Once it's there right click it and you can do a whole bunch of cool things with it like enveloping etc, also (importantly) you can also attach a midi controller to it via it's learn function. My Alesis has thirty knobs, ten buttons, and it's incredibly cool and unpredictable XYZ photo modulator (it's actually an optical mouse turned upside down) per patch. I've managed to turn the Kamioooka into a Theremin using this technique. More practically, controlling the coarse and fine knobs on say the second VCO in slot 2 and being able to record all the parameter changes whilst recording is a no-brainer. The only caveat is the mapping is non module specific, it's slot specific so if you switch out say the VCO for an LFO in slot 2 the Alesis knobs via Reaper will control the two Frequency knobs of the LFO. Saving the mapping is easy because all you do is is save the track as a Track Template and then you can load it into any project you want. Although this is so quick to do that I just set up the knobs I want to perform/automate on a project by project basis.

I know this solution probably only applies to Reaper but a, there's a lot of us about and b, I suspect that there are parallels to this in other DAWs. Somebody else (probably a whole bunch of other people) have already posted this solution but I just saw the question and this is my first post on the KVR site so I thought I'd throw in my ten cents.

BTW I have my own request to the esteemed designer g200kg of this wonderful FREE!! modular synth (actually two).

I appreciate being able use the mouse wheel to turn a knob or a slider (I just need to turn the knobs!) and the coarse adjustment is great to approximately get to where I want to be but using the shift key for fine adjustment is annoying because my other hand is on my midi controller keyboard and I have to stop playing to make the final adjustments which interrupts the auditioning process. Would it be possible to use the button in the mouse wheel as a shift key and so just by pressing the mouse wheel while turning it you switch from coarse to fine control without moving your playing hand.

We're all running wide screen monitors. Please could I have a module rack with 15 slots in it?? I keep running out of slot space.

Okay three requests. Actually this is more of a request/help. If there isn't a way to do this already how about a single shot delay of some form. My computer is a middle aged 3Ghz Hyperthreaded Quad Xeon and Kamioooka shows a CPU utilization of 0.17% utilization. Read that number again. It's ridiculously low (big kudos). I can have ten instances of Kamioooka running and that is less than 2% of my total CPU resources. I set up Kamioooka via a master track and then I patch midi output to slave tracks loaded with more copies. I know I could just record midi data for all the tracks but that can make editing a nightmare when building these large tonescapes that I like to do (and for which Kamioooka is perfect) I would just like to delay the triggering of the modules by various amounts of time before they add their contribution to the composite patch.

Ok this is more of a musing than a request since it's much more personal to you g200kg. Doepfer has published into the public domain their Eurorack standard and any company can now make physical synth modules that will work with anyone else's. As a result there are more custom physical modular synths being built today than at any other time in history (which blows my mind). I know that many people have made requests to you regarding what they would like in your synth and a load of changes and additions that you probably don't have the time to do. It would be very cool if you could/would consider establishing Kamioooka as a digital version of Doepfers Eurorack maybe by creating and publishing an SDK so that other designers/programmers could develop modules that other people request. The concept of a high performance virtual modular synth community would be astonishing. Anyway just a thought.

Once again, g200kg thank you so much for your talent and your generosity this is an amazing gift to myself and the many tens of thousands of people who have downloaded and use your creation.

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Re: Kamioooka : how control it with a controller?

Post Wed Jun 14, 2017 12:41 am

I'm using a rather inexpensive novation launch control XL I can control any control I want to with my controller.

You might recheck the procedure for controling a vst in documents for your daw.

I use reaper daw.

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