T-Chain updated to 1.2.0

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Post Sun Sep 17, 2017 10:31 am

T-Chain has been update to version 1.2.0. Here are the big features:

- TCS (T-Chain Single): When you only need to load one module, TCS is the plugin for you. TCS features the same interface design of T-Chain, but it is stripped down to only load a single module. You can still do all of the things you need in the mix (A/B, Wet/Dry mix, oversampling, etc.), but you don't need to load T-Chain if you don't need all of the routing and preset options.

- ClipShifter is here: T-Chain now includes a new ClipShifter module. This is FREE, and works equally well in T-Chain and TCS. There have been some enhancements to the clipping algorithm (in comparison to the original ClipShifter plugin), including a better Harmonic control. Definitely worth checking out.

- DynoPhuzz: DynoPhuzz is a new paid module that fits well in the Phuzz/HotPhuzz family. Similar to the Phuzz module, DynoPhuzz has various multiband saturation modes. The "Dyno" feature is that the amount of saturation can be altered based on signal level (similar to a compressor, except with saturation).

There have also been minor bug fixes and enhancements, but that stuff gets pretty boring.

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Thanks for all your support.

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