Wavemapper 2, v. 1.01 squealing and losing midi input on OSX 10.15.3 in Bitwig 3.1.2

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Post Sat Feb 01, 2020 1:23 pm

This is the weirdest thing. I just started using Wavemapper 2 again after a couple years away and when I load it in Bitwig everything seems fine until I save and reload the file (which has only 1 track with Wavemapper 2 on it) and then it either squeals or buzzes. I've tried it several times, saving with different presets. Sometimes the loaded file won't see the keyboard input. Works fine when I start a fresh file from scratch, but not after I save. I don't have this happen with any other instruments I've used.

Makes me wonder if Wavemapper 2 v. 1.01 is just not compatible with Catalina. I went to PPG website but there is no support link. there's an info link but it turns up a blank page.

Please PPG, if you are seeing this, can I please have this checked out? Happy to supply any help/files you need...


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