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Welcome to the official Bitwig Studio KVR Forum!

The purpose of this forum is to offer our users a place to discuss everything related to Bitwig Studio, such as general usage, tips and tricks, bugs, features and feature wishes with other users.

As this place is intended for discussions and user interaction, it is not the right place to submit actual bug reports, questions or feature wishes to Bitwig's support and development team.

Therefore feel free to discuss bugs and feature wishes here among the user base first in order to gather information or confirm issues with others, but please be sure to contact us directly if you're sure about sending in a bug report or feature wish.

Bug Reports

If you found a reproducible bug, please head over to:
and send us:

Detailed information about your hardware and software setup:
  • System Specs (CPU, RAM, Graphics System)
  • Operating System and Version
  • Audio Hardware and Driver Version
  • Bitwig Studio Version
  • Used Plugins and their Version
What the issue is about:
  • Step by step instructions on how to reproduce your issue - we can't fix what we can't reproduce :!:
  • If the problem shows up in a specific project or preset, please send us a link to the file.
  • In many cases it is very helpful to also link to a screen-capture video where you show what you do when the problem happens.
Feature Wishes

If you have any feature wishes you want to let us know about, also just send them in via


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