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Bitwig is an international music software company based in Berlin.
The company was founded in 2009 by a team of music enthusiasts with extensive experience in the music technology industry and a strong vision about new cutting-edge methods of music production, live performance and collaboration.


Products by Bitwig

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Bitwig Studio
Reviewed By Fraggle
May 7th, 2022

Bitwig is perfect for my needs.
It is what Ableton should have evolved into.

I used Ableton from version 4 to 11 - I even read the manual cover to cover way back in 2005 -

Max4live was it's Achilles heel. This was because, if you were an artist and mainly interested in spending your time making sounds and songs - you just wouldn't invest the time in learning how to program M4L devices. As a result, if you wanted the flexibility that M4L offered you had to buy those devices. But since version 4 max for live devices had (on a regular basis) crashed live.

The workaround was to constantly save projects, especially just before you inserted a M4L device.
unfortunately, opening projects with such devices also caused Ableton to crash (about a third of the time I opened such a project).

I read in many places that my experience was common, and cannot fathom why it was never fixed.

maybe it just cannot be.

simply and succinctly- bitwig does not crash on me and I get more freedom in creative sound design.

the grid is for artists like myself that want the power of modular without the infuriating time sink of the Reaktor/M4L learning curve.

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Bitwig Studio
Reviewed By melodyz
January 1st, 2021

I will give it a 4 because its so cool. The modulators and clip area is why its great. They do provide the Grid which is pretty cool as well. If you have ever used VCV Rack then the Grid is for you.

Been using it for about 1 year now up to most recent version. Here are the cons - There are still some bugs in it and it needs better workflow enhancements to avoid using the mouse so much when selecting devices and layered devices etc. Moss scripts for various controllers saves Bitwig. Without his scripts I dont think Bitwig would work as well for me as I want to use an integrated controller. They should take his scripts and make it a permanent part of Bitwig.

And even then Bitwig is still not flawless. The more you use it the more you find these small oddities here and there as to things not displaying correctly or plugins not responding 100% correctly. You just need to be aware going into it. Bitwig does eventually respond to support emails but they dont address if they are going to do anything to address your issues or feedback. Its all on their timetable if and when they update. At least they take feedback requests. My advice is every user should immediately report to them when you find these bugs or oddities. Do not settle with these quirks until Bitwig runs flawlessly for you.

The point is there is currently no perfect one fit solution DAW. But Bitwig comes closest IMO.

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Bitwig Studio 16-Track
Reviewed By harrism76
December 11th, 2020

Super Duper for beginners, ability to run unlimited vst/ plugins, if you operate on multiplatform win/mac/ LINUX this is a great DAW. I own PropellerHead Reason also, these are all great DAW but if you operate a multiplatform studio this would be the DAW to get for 79 tokens can not beat.

Also when coupled with KXstudio Carla you can integrate multiplatform plugins, as an example windows VST under LINUX. Easy to navigate and use interface, yes i have tried lmms, waveform, etc.... for multiplatform DAW but for the price 16 tracks and unlimited plugins excellent choice.


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Bitwig Studio
Reviewed By psydave
February 23rd, 2019

For me Bitwig Studio is the no #1 choice if you are an electronic producer who want to enjoy as much freedom as possible.

Bitwig is so "open"and versatile. There isn't any other DAW on the market that offers such a freedom. You can modulate everything and there are so many possibilities of customisation. Also the dev-team is very responsive, bringing constantly great updates and they are listening to the customers. It's a mixture of pure awesomeness and freedom. Thanks Bitwig.

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Bitwig Studio
Reviewed By capracan
September 9th, 2018

Das Rating ist so, weil ich es für mich in dem Umfang nutzen kann, ohne größere Defizite zu haben. Weiterhin, weil auch die Lizenzphilosophie für mich aktuell okay ist. Die Bitwigger leisten sehr gute Arbeit auch mit der Community, die wirklich schnell gewachsen ist. Natürlich hat jeder Newcomer seine kleinen Defizite, doch ich bin sehr optimistisch, dass da noch einiges gutes ansteht.

Ich habe seit Jahren FL benutzt. Die losen Fenster, die grafischen Dinge vor allem, sind leider nicht schön. Dinge, die man auch nicht einfach modifizieren kann. Seit Bitwig als Nebenspieler zu Ableton, hat mich dann doch sehr überzeugt, eine andere Strategie zu versuchen und mich nicht mit dem umherschieben der Fenster zu beschäftigen. Wer schon mal eine DAW unter den Fingern hatte, wird relativ intuitive mit Bitwig arbeiten können. Sicher war es in FL auch nicht so kompliziert. Ich bin fähig mit allen DAW's wenigstens die Basics zu verstehen, da ich fast alle probiert habe. Somit war Bitwig kein Problem. Ich kenne DAW's die sind da anders.

Als nun Bitwig ins Haus kam, konnte ich relativ fehlerfrei meine Plugins implementieren, 32 und 64-bit, meine Samples einfügen und schon loslegen. Super einfach, mit geringem Grundwissen über das Programm. Die feste Struktur und GUI macht es sehr einfach Überblick zu bekommen und zu behalten. Die Chains sind wirklich wahnsinnig hilfreich, wenn man Effekt-Ketten hinter seinen Synthies legt. Das Anreihen von Tools ist einfach und übersichtlich. Und alles in einer Chain-Datei speicherbar. Somit hat man immer das komplette Paket und kann seine favorisierten Sounds jederzeit finden und wieder benutzen. Jedes Plugin wird in eine Bitwig-Eigene Form gebracht, die nur aus Knöpfen besteht, somit muss die GUI des Plugins nicht offen sein. Leider kann diese Knopf-Liste unangenehm lang werden, wo man sich gerne mal eine zweite oder dritte Reihe wünscht. Jedes Plugin startet in einer Sandbox, somit muss man bei Fehlern nicht das Programm neu starten, sondern nur das Plugin. Super .

Warum ich nicht Ableton nahm? Ich habe Ableton probiert, kam damit klar konnte es mir aber nicht leisten. Der Reiz des neuen hatte mich auch fasziniert und außerdem hat Ableton genug Nutzer, weswegen ich mich auch wirtschaftlich gesehen lieber für Bitwig entschied, das war kein Fehler. Die 12 Monatslizenz mag ein wenig unangenehm sein, aber wer es sich leisten kann und die Updatedate-Philosophie bisher okay fand wird gerne ein paar Credits für den next level sh*** hinlegen. Bitwig ist wirklich gut im Rennen und steht den anderen DAWs, bis auf wenige Dingen, in nichts nach. Es gibt da draußen sicher Musiker und Experten die evtl. spezielle Anforderungen haben, die Bitwig noch nicht erfüllen konnte oder erst noch wird, doch für mich reicht das zurzeit völlig aus, um komplexe Beats zu bauen in einem angenehmen Arbeitstempo.

Go Go Bitwig u have my Voice.



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Bitwig Studio
Reviewed By SLiC
August 18th, 2018

It doesn't do everything, but what it does it unique and worth the cost.

Bitwig doesn't do everything, it isn't a 'standard' liner arrangement DAW or a Standard looper. Its a hybrid but it is also a modular synth, CV generator and creative and inspirational instrument-DAW...I think it has moved from a 'version' of Live with many requested features (like in clip editing) toi an entirely new type of creative DAW.

I rate it 5 out of 5 for what it is, other want it to be what it is not (Live has the same issue, some people want to use it as a standard DAW- its a designed to be a 'LIVE' instrument/creative arranger....Bitwig will get you a bit closer to a linear DAW with clips and racks, but wont replace Pro Tools if you are going to record a band.

What Bitwig 'is' is fast, fun, creative and a modulation/cv playground, a music tool modulates and adds life to your existing VST collection and puts a smile on your face.

I have found Bitwig at 2.4 very stable, more stable than my Live Suite and Cubase 9.5 which I also use occasionally. My other main DAW is Studio One 4 which compliments BWS Very Well.

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Bitwig Studio
Reviewed By technolife
August 17th, 2018

I purchased the first version in 2015. A lot of cools features but buggy as hell. I sent some emails some bugs and they stopped to reply at the 3rd one. (It was about a different bug each time).
I purchased the second version to support them saying to myself "they must have fixed those bugs to release this version". More nice features in this version, but still buggy as hell.

3 years after, the bugs in V1 are still not fixed and are in the V2 too. Plus for some project I can't even play them. (Audio Engine always crash).

It's embarrassing because it has a lot of nice features but it's not ready for a professional use with a lot of hardware and plugin. Its dev is maybe faster than Ableton Live, but maybe it's because Live takes the time to fix bugs before releasing something.
I'll check out in 10 years to see if it's usable but for now, back to Ableton, sorry Bitwig.

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Bitwig Studio
Reviewed By lriv5
November 21st, 2017

All-around excellent DAW. Purchased Bitwig not long after seeing the announcement for Ableton Live 10 and being very disappointed. I've been a Live user since Live 7. It's been a great tool, but lacked a lot of workflow features that Bitwig simply nailed. The one flaw in Bitwig is that some of the buttons and functions onscreen aren't clear and can be a bit confusing. I find myself hovering over the buttons a lot to see if it's the function I want. That aside, it's a superb DAW with a great GUI, runs quickly with no crashes (yet) and the modulation possibilities are insanse. It allows for the intuitive and quick workflow of Live with excellent MIDI editing (like FL Studio). I was on the fence when it first launched. Got the demo version and wasn't terribly impressed, but with version 2, it really won me over. Highly recommend Bitwig.

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