[video] Making Production Technique Videos (Complete Tutorial)

How to do this, that and the other. Share, learn, teach. How did X do that? How can I sound like Y?


This is a replacement video. It's regarding making OBS video walkthroughs and videos with a less expensive PC. Even with a Mac the same recommendations would work with a M1 Mac with Rosetta2 installed.


It may seem pragmatic, until you realize that out of the box, either with quicktime or the latest obs, the newest mac os 8 gb Mac Mini stutters with a 1920 by 1080 source from a c920s.

I've heard from other professional producers saying that they can't run pro tools reliably without running it completely offline. There's a lot of videos talking about how easy it is, but that's with a really expensive computer and with an equally expensive graphics card.

This is for the rest of us, making it work.

Later on in this post I also explain video denoise methods that work as well or better than Topaz. I suggest Hybrid by Selur, turn off audio, turn off QTGMC deinterlace, use in vapoursynth -> denoise -> QTGMC. Don't use sharpen, any number works for the level. With NVenc it's no faster; but with onepass it offers the option of CBR, which is popular.
With QTGMC denoise, it can't process audio, you'll need to dub that in.

For temporal denoising; use video enhancer 2 and super temporary cleaner.
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So, I'd felt that this topic was really relevant because I don't often see well formed videos in this section of the forum, they exist but it's rare (but not so much in sound design, many there). Anyways, I had some luck using an online product called kapwing. I made a video that chronicled how exactly I used the kapwing service, what I ended up using and how you can use it to add text etc.

More on that later this afternoon, and included in the final video will also be how in videopad I blurred out private info in a quick manner, in the video I'd been pointing to My browser and you could see some KVR postings, which naturally have names. A gray area, sufficed to rationalize blurring but a good excuse to show how to achieve it.


So you need a basic video editor.
Windows or Mac?

Every mac comes with iMovie which I'm sure can do what you want.
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BertKoor wrote: Wed Dec 30, 2020 11:01 am So you need a basic video editor.
Windows or Mac?

Every mac comes with iMovie which I'm sure can do what you want.
Mac or Windows is really irrelevant. What it comes down to is your video editor re-processing your video.

Videopad for Windows is the only one I know of that does this. Everything else is just a waste of time (unless you can afford premier to a degree), it's also very good with a quality of 14 (rather than the default 18). Even openshot will damage video, so will bandicut. What's the point in using them, the only good way really is bouncing using the lossless mode in Videopad. If you can find something that does it in Mac, please share what it is to help others.
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I finally had success figuring out compression. All the products out there, ffmpeg, handbrake, etc etc really slow. The only one of any real speed is called hybrid here:


the instructions to use it are here:

In the morning I'll have some nice guides.


OK, it took two days of work and here's the completed tutorial. I think it's one of the best on the internet for making a rock solid video with free software. I had to scour the internet to find stuff that actually worked.

Happy production technique video making.


Hey, did some follow up. As it turns out, there is a working Mac build of the VST werman de-noise supression algo. It can be downloaded here:
https://github.com/werman/noise-suppres ... se.vst.zip

And the info surrounding the making and troubleshooting of that build can be found here:
https://github.com/werman/noise-suppres ... e/issues/6

Likely though, there will be issues for Big Sur users.


I compare the RX de-noise built in to FL 10, and 20 in comparison to the free Algorithm and Method I've outlined in this post. If there's any doubt that I'm providing a useful resource; I'll lay that to rest and I'll compare the same algorithm versus a new, full version of RX7 later tonight.

It's all I can do, to put in this hard work; and I hope it's useful to someone at the end of the day.

EDIT: On the first post, I've added a link to useful youtube video which shows how to use fps settings. Previous tutorials I came across did not.
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[Zoom screen recorder - Slightly slower than first method]

If your system was really lofi, and zoom worked for you, then maybe you'd want to use zoom. It's an annoying product to work with, but it gets the job done.

I'll add too, if you wish the recorded audio to be in stereo; you'll need to select this setting also, when selecting share audio:
making sure computer audio is stereo.jpg
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[Replacing Win7 Basic theme with a faster one]

For people still using Windows 7, it's a great system for mixing audio with. Maybe you want to use a faster theme than Aero, that comes installed with Win7. If that's the case, you could select in OBS to turn off Aero during recording.

I've noticed little advantage to using a basic theme, but some swear by it.


This is a nicer looking version of the basic theme that you can find in black and various other colors. Pretty cool.

And don't forget, in the case of flashback express (which I highly recommend); you'll be forced to use basic anyways, so this is the only fix available for that.

Black Win7 Basic:
https://www.deviantart.com/basbl/art/Wi ... -630154429
Blue Win7 Basic:
https://www.deviantart.com/hector93/art ... -107913271
Multi-color Win7 Basic:
https://windows7themes.net/en-us/window ... ic-themes/
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this method is obsolete, check last post.
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this is obsolete, check the latest tut in last post.
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In this post I use the Logitech C920 and add some effects without post processing that make it look pro. I also explain how to add some post processing easily enough.


Don't bother with the cheaper cams. You only save thirty dollars and you get headaches and annoyances. I like to find a deal, and it's a thrill for Me, but video is too up and down.
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Post updated 9/6/2021

Here's a video explaining how to use these two LUT's in obs.
They get great results. Expect every post in this topic to be replaced with modern stuff that works perfectly.


Here's the free LUT's:
https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/ ... sp=sharing

About the temporal smoothing in this video blooming, I'm learning how to make less reactive; hopefuly I'll nail that down soon. Make sure to put a diffuser (white paper works) in front of the light source so that auto exposure does not over-react to movement also. Maybe use a temporal denoiser for walls, make your skating rinks and then run Selur's Hybrid and QTGMC denoiser using KNLMeans (without QTGMC deinterlace)

Update: 9/17/2021 - Added Two More LUTS. Useful for cheap webcams like the Auki. I recommend the Logitech C920s Pro instead, or if you must buy cheap the SuiRui here
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Here's some tips for making sure that bedroom producers aren't showing their bed:


I also mention some good ideas regarding using the greenscreen / chroma key / chroma color effects. It involves using a fair amount of white balance (in case you want to opt out :))


Video remade: 9/17/2021

Here is a way to convert the normal webcam video size on laptops to 1080p / 1K with an absolutely free, industry leading standard made by Infognition.


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