Soundset Overlap On Cross-Grade Offer?

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Post Sat May 12, 2012 9:32 am

What is the overlap between sounds involved in the current crossgrade. Obviously there is overlap between the ST examples provided in the free ST, but what about otherwise? In my case I already have free ST, and about 10gb worth of instrument expansion packs. So I am wondering--

1. What is the overlap between the full crossgrade library and the instumental expansion packs?

2. Since I do not own the Vintage Keys and Omnisynth, what is the overlap between those and any other expansion packs?


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Post Thu May 17, 2012 5:04 am

Not much overlap between them in terms of the same samples apart from OmniSynth which has some major overlap because it's a compiled "GM set". But with the others it can vary from about 2-15% or so since some sampling of the expansions is represented in SampleTank 2 XL or Sonik Synth 2 or SampleTron. But it's very minor. The Expansion Libraries are meant to EXPAND your collection not duplicate it. So you're safe there.

However, on where we're giving you DOUBLE the amount of expansions you do need to be careful of one thing and that is that the expansions we have on esoundz are a little different than the ones SR did for IK's Xpansion Tank 2 Series. But, that's mostly the groove titles which line up with our RAW series (and the Xpansion Tanks don't). So comparing between those two series of expansions there are some obvious connections and overlap. However if you're just talking about expansions vs. the Powered-By-SampleTank virtual instruments of the Total Workstation Bundle then you're pretty safe.
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Post Thu May 17, 2012 3:59 pm

OK, two more overlap question. First, what is the overlap, if any, between the original factory sounds packaged with the various main products (ST, Miroslav, Sampletron, Sonic Synth and Sample Moog).Second, Squids, the 2 to 15% figure you reference is in reference to what?.., 2 to 15% of each expansion pack?....of the total factory sounds?...or of some combined figure? Don't mean to be a pest but I'm really trying to find out how many new sounds I would get here--since I have pretty much all the Xpansion packs already--so the "bonus" packs are not much of a benefit to me.

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