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Post Fri Jun 17, 2005 9:16 am

Hi all

This idea has been lurking in my head a bit. It seems like all the sound designers (preset makers) for our various synths are scattered around, and some are not really well known and do excellent work.

Now is the time to come out of the corner, and present yourselves in this thread.


1. State name.
2. What synths you have worked on.
3. What developers you have worked for.
4. Any web references.
5. Prefered synthesis method (if any).
6. Any other comments about your work you would like to present.
7. Contact info.

This thread would also be good for developers so they know who is out there.

I'll do mine later after this gets going, but thought I would get the ball rolling.


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Post Fri Jun 17, 2005 9:20 am

1. State name: Kriminal

2. What synths you have worked on: Too many to list, see my website

3.What developers you have worked for: Camel Audio, Manystation, GMedia, Synapse Audio and my very own KARNAGE. Done lots of free banks for various synths/companies as part of beta testing and just for fun

4.Any web references:

5.Preffered synthisis method (if any): none

6.Any other comments about your work you would like to present: have to think about that

7.Contact info: contact via webiste or Email/PM here at KVR
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Post Fri Jun 17, 2005 9:22 am

1. geeseaplenty (Matthew DeMeritt)

2. Stylophone ("Wicked Trance" bank)

3. ?

4. ?

5. The oscillating variety

6. Really lub makin sounz

7. ?

Sorry, T. Couldn't resist.

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Post Fri Jun 17, 2005 9:44 am

1. State name: D-Fusion

2. What synths you have worked on:
Zero Vector, All the psycle internal synths (Under the name "Miraculix", EJ FM, Wusik station Demo version (Before it was released), Arguru's Voyager,Maelstrom,Subtractor, Evm Vega, Synth 1.

Nord Lead 2X and NL 3, Roland MC-09, Roland SH-32, Korg Electribe EA1.

3.What developers you have worked for: Whitenoiseaudio, Wusik, EVM.

4.Any web references: Whitenoiseaudio Zero Vector forum, Patcharena EJFM contest First place :D, Voyager (Free) Forum.

5.Preffered synthesis method (if any): No Limits (Love them all)

6.Any other comments about your work you would like to present: Still getting better and better each day ;)

7.Contact info: PM or send mail here at KVR.
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Post Fri Jun 17, 2005 10:07 am

]1) State name : Krakatau
(real name : Alexandre Borcic)

2) : i began sound design with samplers from early eighties

AKAI S900, S950; S1000, S2000
Emagic EXS24
Reason NN-XT
NI Kontakt
YT Independence
NI Absynth
UVI workstation

...some other kind of synthesis : Korg M1, Gladiator, for instance, but not as in-deep as sample design in general...

3) As free products

- Some samples for Sknote for his granular synth GrainZ

- Somer for a reason freak designer, "waiting man"; here at kvr, that as become free refill for his VSTi : Stealth

As a commercial product

- A library of IR, focused on harmonies and scales created from scratch, published by Dangerous Bear Underground under the name "Deep spaces":

5) audio editing related to samplers and exotic impulse responses ( sample design in general...)


7) PM or email adress
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Frank / Particular-Sound

Post Fri Jun 17, 2005 10:32 am

1. State name:

Frank "Xenox" Neumann / Particular-Sound Definition

2. What synths you have worked on (Hardware/Software).

Yamaha Cs1x, Cs6x, TG55, MU80, MU90R, Motif, Motif ES
Roland JV1080/2080, D2, D110, U110, XV Serie, Fantom X Serie, XV3080/5080, JD-Xi/JD-Xa, MKS50
Access Virus B/C, TI, Polar
Waldorf Q/Q+/MicroQ, Waldorf A1, Blofeld
NI Pro53, Reaktor, Kontakt
reFX Vanguard, Quadrasid
Pro Sounds PS-1,
Linplug Albino, RM IV, CronoX3, Sophistry, Alpha3, Alpha 3 Keys, Alpha 3 CM, RMV, Spectral
Xfer Records Serum

and a lot of more Hardware and Software Synthies...

3.What developers you have worked for:

I worked for (in no order):

Yamaha Europe (Yamaha Cs6x/6R, S90, Motif, Motif XS etc.), Sounds and Soundsets
Waldorf Music (Q, Micro Q, Blofeld), Factory Sounds
Easy Sounds Germany (Motif Serie), Soundsets
Native Instruments (Pro53), Factory Sounds
reFX (Vanguard), Soundsets
Pro Sounds (PS1- Factory Library), Factory Sounds
Ableton (Live 6 Sampler Factory Library), Factory Sounds
LinPlug Virtual Instruments (Sophistry, CronoX, Alpha, Alpha Keys, Alpha CM etc.), Factory Sounds
Ilio Entertainment (Samplebase), Soundset/Expansion
Ueberschall, diff. Sounds
Camel Audio (Alchemy), Factory Sounds
Image-Line, Sounds
FXPansion, Factory Sounds
Key To Sound, Factory Sounds.
Fabfilter, Factory Sounds
Soniccharge, Factory Sounds
HardSID, Factory Sounds
TAL (Togu Audio Line), Factory Sounds
Xfer Records (Nerve/Serum), Factory Sounds
MOTU (Mach5 Factory Library), Factory Sounds
KV331 (Synthmaster 2.6 Factory Library), Factory Sounds Version2.0
Hypersynth (Xenophone Factory Bank3 Hardware Synth)

and a lot for my own company Particular-Sounds...

4.Any web referances:

Ofcourse, check out the Developers Website or my one at or check out my own Synthie made together with LinPlug called Sophistry on Factory Presets from us are in LinPlug's Cronox3,Sophistry and RM5, in Pro Sounds PS-1 and additional Soundsets for reFX Vanguard (demos available) and more on the companys websites.

5.Preffered synthisis method (if any):

I use everything, FM, Granularsynthesis, AM, subtractive synthesis, everything.
The Sound is what counts and not the synthesis method.. !

6.Any other comments about your work you would like to present.


7.Contact info:

email me here on kvr or here on my website
Check out some of my music at

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Post Fri Jun 17, 2005 10:49 am

Lots of great responses so far!

heres mine , whiich is basically a cut and paste from my sound designers resume.

Name : Tim Conrardy (TC)
TC Sound Design

Starting in the late 70’s with electronic music lessons by Prof Allen Strange , I became the EM tutor at DeAnza college, CA, where I quickly learned many forms of synthesis. In the 80’s I was hired by Sound Connections to create patches for the DX7. In the 90’s, I became sound engineer for Investments In Nature studio where I produced numerous CD’s by the late Tajalli and others. Created a successful Atari-MIDI resource called Tims Atari MIDI World ( ) where I contacted various programmers and companies for release of their former Atari-MIDI products. This continues to be updated with new applications.

Then started getting into the softsynth world by creating two highly acclaimed banks for Green Oaks Crystal VSTi. From there, many developers started to contact me for sound design work. I have also started a company called AlgoMusic ( ) in which we are producing softsynths. I have also won numerous sound design competitions at Patch Arena ( including the “Best Pad” catagory) My objective is to obtain full time work in a known company as well as paid contract work from other developers.

Sound Design Experience
Commercial VSTi’s

1. AlgoMusic’s M42 Nebula: I consider this my own custom synth. Designed with my specifications, over 356 presets are available. Particular to this synth is the “totem” sound.
2.Camel Audio’s Cameleon: Over 1000 presets and regarded as one of the main programmers for Cameleon. One commercial sound set called TC Galaxy. Beta testing new versions as well as new Camel Audio products.
3.Big Tick Audio’s Rhino: Beta tester and 4 complete banks
4. FL Studio’s Sytrus: Beta tester and over 100 presets for the factory bank.
5. Concrete FX products: Beta testing and preset making with a full bank each for Unison and Micron. 2 full banks for Kubik
6. Dash Signature products: Beta test and factory presets for Harp Time.Commercial sound sets for EVE including the acclaimed Mini-Moog set and Evalon.
7. Wusik Station and Many Station: Two commercial sounds sets as well as the factory sound set for Wusik Station and Many Station. The sound sets for Eve and Wusikstation are in partnership with Back-In-Time Records in which I continue to deal with.
8. Muse Research’s Receptor: Beta testing and 2 banks for the factory sounds. Worked with Scott Solida on this project as well. Continous testing for plug-in capability. Other developers contacting me to beta test their products on Receptor for compatability.
9.Antares’s Filter: Beta testing and factory presets. One bank for Kantos as well.
10. Maxx Clastor’s products: Beta testing and factory presets for eJ and Toxic FM VST’s
11.HG Fortune’s Wheel of Fortune Pro: Beta testing and factory presets.
12. Ohm Force’s Symtohm Mellohman: Beta-testing and over 35 metapatches which is over 300 separate presets for the factory bank.
13.LinPlug Audio’s Albino2: one bank in which Rob Papen thought was good enough to put on his site.
14. EVM’s Mobius: Beta testing and one full bank for the factory presets.
15. Pro-Sound’s PS-1: Beta testing and 1 full 128 preset bank. Powered by Dash Signature.
16. Stienberg’s Plex: One bank for an unusual synth.
17. White Noise Audio’s Additive: 3 banks which won me the actual synth in a competition.
18. IN’s Absynth: Won in a competition, I did one bank and continue to expand on it.Also just completed a full bank for Camel Audio and their Biolabs sound set for Absynth3. I consider this my best Absynth work.
19.EMU MP7/ Proteus 2000: hardware. One bank using Composer ROM with acclaim from P2000 users
20. The Yamaha DX7 ( of course) Created hundreds of patches available in sysex format on my DX7 page:
21.LinPlug Octopus : over 200 presets for the factory bank.

Free VSTi’s: too numerous. Examples include factory presets for all UGO synths, Synth1, Crystal, Triangle II, Polyiblit,Kraklie synths and more. Visit Patch Arena ( ) and use the search function.

Also I was honored by Krakli who developed a synth with my ideas of a space synth called CYGNUS.

Preferred Synthisis: I can work with all sorts: FM, Additive, subtractive and hybrids. No one method preferred.

Contact: PM , support at , tconrardy at

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Post Fri Jun 17, 2005 11:30 am

1. State name
Marco Raaphorst a.k.a. Raapie

2. What synths you have worked on.
Professional: Reason's Malstrom and Subtractor.

3.What developers you have worked for
Propellerhead, ReasonBanks, powerFX

4.Any web referances

5.Preffered synthisis method (if any)
none prefered but I love FM (I am planning to do work for Ableton Operator and NI FM7)

6.Any other comments about your work you would like to present.
I do composing and sound design professionally, both compliment each other in a good way. Sound can become music and the other way around ;)

7.Contact info
My company is called Melodiefabriek, check for details.
Kind regards,

Marco Raaphorst

[composer/sound designer]
Melodiefabriek -

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Post Fri Jun 17, 2005 11:37 am

Good idea,

1. State name

Jim Hunter

2. What synths you have worked on.

Cameleon5000 mainly. Extensive number of patches for this synth, including one of the 4 commercial banks.

Karnage. Was invited to do a few presets for this great little freebie, was great it went out on CM!

vurtbox. Did a few for this little nutbox too.

Have a boatload for impOSCar and Albino2 I really should organise and put up somewhere.

3.What developers you have worked for

Camel Audio. Consistent part time and occasional full time work for them for about 2 years now, giving design input, beta testing, patch design, admin, media, and was also on the Camel Audio stand at Musikmesse this year.

4.Any web references

Just my pishy little website and quite a few demo tunes and patches on

5.Preferred synthesis method (if any)

Sheesh, er, love em all. Additive and subtractive, love the sounds you get from additive, also love fat subtractive filters like on impOSCar.

6.Any other comments about your work you would like to present.

It's great :hihi: Keep your ear out for Cameleon in some pretty big films and TV series :wink:

7.Contact info

Through KvR, or through Camel Audio. Might set up a sound design address if I ever get organised...

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Post Fri Jun 17, 2005 12:30 pm

kvr members might know me as owner of Back In Time Records -Sample & Sound Development-, and I'm an artist (composer, keyboard player) in the first place and sounddesigner since years. Here's my data:

1. State name:
Klaus P. Rausch

2. Synths I have worked on:
Yamaha DX7 + DX21, Alesis Ion and Andromeda and Fusion, all sample-based Korgies from M1 to Trinity, Wavestation and Z1, the entire Korg analog line from 700S to PS3200, SCI P5 and VS, ARP 2600, Roland Jupiters from 6 to JX10, Roland Juno 60, Roland JD800, Roland D50 and D70, Ensoniq VFX, E-mu Vintage Keys, Sytrus, Cube, original Minimoog and Voyager, Arturia's Minimoog V and CS80V and Modular V, Muse Research Receptor, Emu Vintage Keys, Elektron SidStation and Machinedrum, Creamware Minimax ASB and Pro-12 ASB ...

3. Developers I have worked for:
Alesis, Korg, Emagic, Virsyn, Arturia, Elektron, KK Pro, Akai, Dashsignature, Steinberg, Easy Sounds, Image-Line, Creamware, Muse Research, LinPlug, Soundburst, Sonic Reality ...

3a. Other clients:
Kawom computer animation, Soundcheck, NIKE, dolphin movie sounds, Milo's Craving, and custom sound design for several film music composers.

4. Web references: and

5. Prefered synthesis method:
Everything, as long it's musical related.

6. Other comments about my work:
Rock'n Roll is music, not driving instructions.

7. Contact info:
Via PM and websites contact addresses.

8. Recent references:
- The Second Wave Expansion: sample development and Preset making, release August 2005.
- Alesis Fusion: factory voicing (virtual analog, FM, sample based, entire GM bank), release September 2005.
- TSW Expansion 2: sample development and Preset making, release September 2005.
- TSW Pro VST: sample development and Preset making, release October 2005.
- Alesis Fusion: factory voicing part II (sample based Presets with a special focus on Orchestrals, Ethnics, Choirs and several emulatives), release October 2005.
- Swoosh Machine VST: Product concept and sample content development, release November 2005 by Dashsignature.
- Alesis Fusion: factory voicing part III for the internal ROM4 and ROM5 Presets banks and the both Electronica and More Presets banks, release December 2005.
- Steinberg: Cubase 4 HALion One factory voicing and GM set creation, release June 2006.
- Creamware Minimax ASB: factory voicing, release July 2006.
- Creamware Pro-12 ASB: creation of 128 new Presets, release July 2006 by bitr.
- Creamware Minimax ASB: Minimoog Classics Patch Charts incl. audio-CD and 100+ polyphonic Presets, release July 2006 by bitr.
- Alesis Fusion Presets by kpr: A 384 Program Presets collection in 3 Banks created for the Alesis Fusion, released July 2006 by bitr.
- Alesis Fusion SYNTH Presets by kpr: A 128 Program Presets collection created by using the Fusion's VA, FM and Wind Model sections, released August 2006 by bitr.
- Ethnotronics VST: Sample development and Presets creation, released 2007 by bitr
- TSL Sample Libraries: Expansions for TSW Pro VST, sample development and TSL Presets Template design. Several products: Futuresphere, Ethnic & Folk Instruments, Grand Piano, Orchestral Strings, Prepared Piano, Vintage String Ensembles Plus, The PolyK, The MonoK, ThePulse, TheZ and more. Released 2007 by bitr.
- Fusion SAMPLES by kpr: A 60 sample instruments and 77 Presets expansion for Alesis Fusion, released 2007 by bitr.
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Post Fri Jun 17, 2005 1:25 pm

1. Name: JoMal (John Malvey)

2. Synths Worked On:
  • Hardware --> CZ-101 (my first synth), D-50, Ensoniq VFX, TX81Z, Alesis QS8, MKS-50, Yamaha Motif 6.
    Freeware Softsynths --> Voyager, EZ-Poly, Richman2, Synth1 and many others.
    Commercial Softsynths --> Blue, Predator, SubBoomBass, Punch, Blade, RG, Kubik, Viper, Granite, Vectrik, Krishna, Directwave.
3.Developers worked for: Beta testing and sound design for Concrete FX, Rob Papen, Devine Machine, Cable Guys and Key to Sound. My preset banks were included with the final releases of Predator, Blue, Punch, SubBoomBass, RG, Blade, Kubik, Viper, Granite, Vectrik.
Preset banks also available for sale (some free sample banks as well) on my website.

4.Web references:
Patch Arena
Blue Soundsets
My website

5.Preferred synthesis method (if any): I like all methods.

6.Comments: I love to tweak. I believe that having an original sound plays an important part in writing memorable music.

7.Contact info: PM and via the link to my website.
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Post Fri Jun 17, 2005 2:47 pm

State name
Rozzer or Rory

What synths you have worked on.

Access Virus
Waldorf MicrowaveXT
Dave Smith Evolver
Korg Karma
Yamaha FS1r
Yamaha CS6x
Studio Electronics ATC-1
Nord Modular
FabFilter Twin
AudioRealism Bassline Pro
FXPansion BFD
GMedia MiniMonster
Devine Machine
VAZ Modular
Creamware Modular/Flexor

What developers you have worked for
Devine Machine
DASH Synthesis

Any web referances

Preffered synthisis method (if any)

Right now, nothing butters my muffin quite like my ATC-1 - real analog baby :love:

Contact info
See my sig :)
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Post Fri Jun 17, 2005 10:14 pm

State Name

Frank Genus (A.K.A: TrainsOfThoughtCollide
[ToTc], Frank-ProSounds.)

What Synths You Have Worked On

Waldorf A-1, ConcreteFX Adder, ConcreteFX Kubik, Kjaerhus Audio Spectra, ManytoneProductions' Manyguitar, ManyBass, and ManyOne; Linplug Octopus and Alpha, Novation BassStation, Dash Signature DaHornet, Dash Signature DaAlpha2k, Dash Signature EMM Knagalis, RGC:Audio z3ta+, Big Tick Rhino, Groovecube Exciton, Wusik Wusikstation, Algomusic M42 Nebula, Maxx Claster eJ, NuSofting Harptime (Fun And Pro), NuSofting DK+, Cutter Music Revitar 2.0, EVM Synths DVX Vega, Pro-Sounds PS-1, Smart Electronix Asynth, Cakewalk Rapture (factory presets & Expansion Pack 2), Dimension Pro (Expansion Pack 2); Image-Line Sytrus (bonus factory content), Poizone (factory presets), Morphine (factory presets & expansion pack), Toxic Biohazard (factory presets), FL Synthmaker (various factory presets); Benedict Audio Virgo III (Factory presets & Soundfont bank); discoDSP Discovery Pro (Factory presets & Waveforms); Devine Machine Krishna (factory presets); FabFilter Twin (factory presets); Progress Audio SOUP, And about 100 others. :D :D :D What can i say, i drink alot of coffee. :hihi:

What Developers Have You Worked For

Algomusic, Back In Time Records, Benedict Audio, Big Tick, Camel Audio, Cakewalk, Computer Music, ConcreteFX, CutterMusic, Dash Signature, Devine Machine, EVM Synths, FabFilter, FXpansion, Image-Line, Kjaerhus Audio, Les Productions Zvon, Linplug, Manytone Music, Maxx Claster, NBM Studios, Nucleus SoundLabs NuSofting, Precision Sound, Prodyon, Progress Audio, Pro-Sounds (obviously), Smart Electronix, Soha Sound Design, UGO, White Noise Audio,, XoXos, and several others.
I also Own/Operate PRO-SOUNDS

Any Web Regerences

Aside from alot of the sites of the dev's mentioned in section 2, you can get most of the info you need from either Pro-Sounds HQ Or T3 HQ. Some of my work is also featured at Patch Arena and right here at KVR


I've been doing this for a long time, when you consider my ripe age of only 25 years old...about 7 or 8 years now and have covered more than alot of ground in that short amount of time. Take alot of pride in my work being very diverse and not limited to certain styles or genres while maintaining a certain "Style" if you will at the same time. Regardless of what bank or synth you hear my work for...there will ALWAYS be at least 1 amazing Bass....that's sort of a signature thing for me. 8) I've also been very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with some very talented sound designers that were always heroes of mine when i first started (I.E. Tim Conrardy, WilliamK, TekSonik, Xenox, etc..). I get alot of things out of my little sound design career...and have been able to use it to make money, opportunities, and friends for both myself and people in need (I.E. Tsunami Victims, etc..). I have no plans to quit anytime soon, and though I may take on more projects than I can chew every once in a while, I am definitely better than i've ever been at what i do and have no direction to go but up.

Contact Info

You can either PM/Email me through KVR or Patch Arena....Contact me at my webmail address (see the contact page of my website)...or send an email over to frank (AT) 8)
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I guess so :)

1) Mark or as it says on the left; mystahr
2) hardware: yamaha sy85, roland juno60, ensoniq fizmo and the various fx go here too I guess. patches which made it to release: Rez/Texture, Anamark, M42, filterscape, and there's some others that I still need to follow through on :oops:
3) ugo, urs, mark henning, rune lund hermansen, algo, betabugs (although not too actively)
4) actually should get a sounds/patches page some day (if I ever get so organized)
5) it goes in waves; right now the expressive character of the Juno60 is what I appetize most for. VA or analog would be the answer here.
6) I guess I make a lot of patches for myself and those are quite diverse and I have a little library of my own but really too little per synth to make into a bank. Lately I've been more busy with the hardware and the beta-ing of Urs' new babies. Sound is important to me and I can get quite tedious in perfectizing a patch within the content of a track/mix and with that get carried away easily in creating a patch for a track only. If only I'd be more dedicated and organized I could do more patching, but there's just too much excitement in creating 'my sound'.

Contact: sure

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Post Fri Jun 17, 2005 10:31 pm

Hiding late at night after TOTC, Mystahr, et al

1. State name

2. What synths you have worked on.
Progress Audio
SoHa Sonata
FabFilter Twin
FabFilter Twin2
Kjaerhus Spectra
Fabfilter Timeless
FabFilter Volcano2

Novakill NeoKiller
Novakill GodKiller
Novakill Pridekiller
Odo Seeq1 (ver.1),Odo Unknown Synth
Neko Osiris6, Oberon-8,PolyIblit, Greenoak Crystal, Krakli Lizard,E-phonic Invader, Mr. Piz Blood Bucket, Sophia, ScanSynth,
Algo String Synth -just about any and every synthedit synth or effect.
Native FLStudio synths

Hardware: ESQ-1, Kawai k4, Neko

3.What developers you have worked for:
Sonic Charge
Kjaerhus Audio
de la Mancha

4.Any web referances
Kjaerhus Audio: credits in manual
FabFilter: and manuals
Several Synth1 banks at the yahoo group.

5.Preffered synthesis method (if any)
None. I do enjoy f/x as much as synthesis.

6.Any other comments about your work you would like to present.
I am partial to clear, precise assignments, even if it simply, "your best in one week." :)

7.Contact info
PM at KVR or email: yuppiegulag[at]yahoo[dot]com
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