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Post Wed Oct 30, 2013 5:31 am

Since it's getting a bit tricky to track all the issue reports and their status in the various threads of various plugins in the forums where I cannot moderate the threads to clean them up, I'll start this thread here.

Bug reports and other issues here, please. Any of my plugins. That way I can merge all issues to the first posts and keep the thread short, which should make it easier to fix things.

I'll also try to merge the old known issues back into here, but feel free to repost.
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5244 posts since 12 Feb, 2006 from Helsinki, Finland

Known issues

Post Wed Oct 30, 2013 5:32 am


- fixed 1.3.1: had an issue with resonance range


- internal quality is set a bit too high, should be reduced for more reasonable CPU

Dust Arp:

- knowix reported some "holes" in drawing (WinXP + Reaper) after minimized for a while, I suspect a driver bug, but would like more information on whether this happens with other plugs too, and possibly a screenshot of what's going on.. [edit: still need more info on this, haven't been able to reproduce]

Dust Analyzer:

- the internal resampling needs quality improvement (does it?), especially with 48kHz source rate


- loading projects with impulses apparently hangs the VST loading in Buzz


- reported: mouse wheel is broken in Studio One x64
edit: as of 03-2014 the most recently updated plugins now (and the rest in future as they receive updates) support a work-around that should hopefully help (click the Signaldust logo, choose "enable mouse-wheel workaround" for plugins that have it; the setting is persistent and shared between my plugins, so only needs to be set once), I'd like feedback on whether it works.. should also help with other hosts with wheel problems..

- slow host GUI updates: some hosts (notably Renoise, probably some others) update their draw only when idle, and plugin redraws can sometimes interfere with host graphics updates; as of 03-2014 updated builds have another work around option "delay redraws to host idle" (in the signaldust logo menu) that should fix this by letting the host control the redraws; persistent setting, but not enabled by default (in many hosts it's unnecessary, and visualization can become less smooth if the host update rate is slow)

- slow startup times in some cases.. not sure what's causing this, it seems quite random, would appreciate some feedback on this, like which plugins seem like the worst offenders and what kinds of times are you seeing on various systems (eg OS, CPU, GPU brand)

- MIDI learned parameters might not notify host on MIDI CC (so host parameter display might not track the changes)

Anything else I've missed?
If you'd like Signaldust to return, please ask Katinka Tuisku to resign.

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