MDA JX10 keeps slamming into the red, and sound is muted

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Post Sat Aug 29, 2015 2:35 pm

I realise the JX10 was made years ago, but I love it, and have used it many many times in my music as it has a sound I love, and is capable of a broad range, and I love the directness and simplicity of it....long before modulation matrices.
I love this synth and I hope that, if you still read these messages, that you would know what kinda issue this is, and how best to avoid it.

Found a very peculiar problem, and Im not sure if its FL related, or related to MDA.

I opened it tonight so I could copy my presets over from an older version of FL studio.
Loaded the preset and added FL delay 2, turned the feedback down, and played a few notes for about 2 or 3 minutes.
The sound cut out, and the peak meters in the top menu were red, and stayed there.
I clicked to turn off unused effects in FL , and that released the sound, with an audible click
I put a limiter on the channel after , and before the delay, to see if that would stop the 'spike', but it somehow still managed to go silent suddenly, and the peak meters were in the red again.
Even when the sound is dry, with no effects, it still slams into the red, and all sound is muted after this click sound

Would you have any idea why it would do this Paul, and what would be the best thinbg to do to avoid it ?

Many thanks.

ps. Sre there any plans to update the JX10 ?
I dread the day when windows won't load it because it is incompatible.
I would pay for it, even though it is currently free.

Chris mcKeown

ps. If you listen to this track, the lead synth and the chords are both your JX10

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Post Mon Sep 07, 2015 10:51 pm

The last post in this forum was 9 years ago. It'd be amazing if they responded though.

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