KVR MIX CHALLENGE - MC14 September 2015 - Winners announced

How to do this, that and the other. Share, learn, teach. How did X do that? How can I sound like Y?


Nice mix photonic, loud and thick, and smooth!


Hey everyone!
Here's my submission for the 2nd round.:

Mp3: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3oJ-m ... sp=sharing
Wav: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3oJ-m ... sp=sharing

As requested i took out a lot of reverb and turned up the drums a little bit. But since i work on headphones i found it a bit hard to make such decisions. I hope it sits in the mix as it should! Also when i lowered the reverb i felt the balance was way off so i had to adjust the guitars and vocals too.


@Compyfox: Why not use GMT time? It's global after all!


Good luck for those in the 2nd round ^^


g_liou wrote:@Compyfox: Why not use GMT time? It's global after all!
This is why I asked the participants. I'm pretty sure that PDT will be favored, but I'll try to find a middle-way for everyone by November. Usually I am able to start the challenge around midnight GMT+1, with the challenge ending by PDT times. But the eastern side of the globe (towards Asia and Australia) ultimately always have less hours to work with.

A bit less than 48 hours left to mix for Round 2.
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Thanks to Jeff for responding so quickly and providing comments on each mix. Really awesome!

I am happy that Jeff chose my mix to advance to the second round. Here are the links to my updated round 2 mix:

WAV: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/896 ... ennedy.wav
MP3: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/896 ... ennedy.mp3



I'm the second to last to provide my updated "Round 2" mix.

Here it is:
All I can think of (is you) - Round 2 - MP3 Version (ca 8,1MB, 320kbit VBR, 44/24)
All I can think of (is you) - Round 2 - WAV Version (ca 70,49MB, 44/24)

Here are the notes of my Cubase Project (will only post this for this challenge, hate KVR's layouting options)

Code: Select all

What I did                               Hour Mark
Initial Setup:                               0:39h
Triple Check VU Settings:                    1:42h
Tube Setup / first mix test		            2:50h
First FX tests (Vox/Guitar)		            4:05h
Cleanup (Track Denoising)		              5:05h
Testing IR's/AUX tweaks		                7:21h
Drums (Finished)			                    8:30h
Bass Guitar (Finished)		                 9:08h
Acoustic Guitar (Finished)		             9:40h
Quick Project Cleanup (Plugins)	           9:51h
"Spaghetti Western" GTR (Finished)	        10:47h
"Brian May" moment (Finished)	             11:30h
Main/Background Vocals		                 12:35h
AUX FX balance/mix vol correction	         13:15h
Creating Markers			                    13:30h

Pre Round 2 Fixes			                   13:53h
-- Kick, Low Freq EQ lowered by -1,0dB
-- Snare Compression changed
-- main VOX Low Freq EQ lowered by 0,5
-- delay in MS (alignment)
-- EQ compensation on tape engaged (-4dB at 10k)
-- slightly lower send amount (-0,5)
-- flipped phase for R side (suddenly more lowend)
-- slight volume adjustments


CLIENT Requests:
- I'm not digging the snare boom. Seems a little top end heavy.
- I like the background vocals! Nice and clear! Maybe just a tad more on the "oohs"???
- Fill guitar on the tail acoustic section should come down a tad, a little softer to blend with the acoustic guitars more.
- Fill guitar seems a bit loud during the verses and chorus.
- Maybe some automation on the feedback at the beginning of the solo?

What I did                               Hour Mark
Snare                                       13:58h (LF from +4 to +7, Plate Reverb Bandpass)
HiHat                                       14:00h (lowered a bit)
Main Vox slgithly different EQ/AUX          14:15h (300Hz +3,5 instead of 500Hz +4. 100Hz +3,2 instead of +4, 8kHz +7 instead of +6)
                                                   ChVol from +2,5 to +1,85)
Voc Lead Double                             14:20h (Phase inverted)
Voc BG                                      14:35h (Aah's reduced to -1,5dB to -1,3dB, Sub Group raised from -1,81 to -1,55
Fill Guitars                                15:00h (Generally down from -3dB to -3,45dB, Automated)
Solo Guitars                                15:30h (Automation)

Final Listening Check		                 15:54h

And to those that are interested how I set up my (virtual) "Tube Console", another screenshot (warning, ca 350kb, 1680x1050, jpg):
KVR MC14 Tube Console Setup (plus values are for drive)

As usual - feedback welcome.
And good luck to all participants.

A bit more than 9 hours left to mix.
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Hey all.

Was happy to be selected to move on to Round 2. Great song to mix. My parents were big country music fans when I was a child so this song seemed familiar. I had fun mixing it while still experimenting. Thanks to Jeff for providing the song and the constructive criticism.

https://soundcloud.com/slick3gz/all-i-c ... 2-slick3gz

https://www.dropbox.com/s/pv10x9a3v3p0c ... z.mp3?dl=0

https://www.dropbox.com/s/mt9ibzjclx1fb ... z.wav?dl=0

I reduced the reverb on the lead vocal at the end of the bridge.

I sent a signal to a separate guitar fill bus to blend rotary sound so it wouldn't be so prominent.

I bumped up the fader on the BGV.

I backed off the reverb for the guitar solo near the end.

I panned the acoustics out wider and silenced the rotary effect on the guitars for the tail section.


Hm... looks like all Round 2 mixes are in, so it's time for the next evaluation round. :tu:
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Hello, everyone! Many apologies for the delay in getting back here. I caught a bug a week or so ago and it kicked my butt! Just started feeling better today so I was able to listen to the five remixes and I have to say good job to all! But a couple of quick notes before I get to the reviews.

I'm not hearing the vocal double very much in any of the mixes. It's there quietly in some mixes and in others I'm not hearing it. That electric guitar during the acoustic tail section seems to be brought out more than the acoustics. The electric is there to accent what the acoustic guitars are doing so maybe it should be treated more as an acoustic and blended on the same level.

Now, here we go:

Hi, Photonic!

The snare boom sounds great! Background vocals sounds right there! They almost overpower the lead vocal which is how I 'hear' them in my head. Nice pan spread on the BGV's as well. Lead vocal sounds great! Good definition in the bass guitar. Everything sounds good to me!
Hi, G_Liou!

The snare boom sounds ok. I'm not in love with the snare sound itself. Background vocals sound great! Lead vocal sounds great! Solo guitars sound great! Bass guitar has good definition. The only thing here is that you need to bring the vocals down to the level of the instruments or vice versa. Though they all sound good, the instruments seem to be buried in the background, like those early Sinatra recordings. It's really not missing by much at all. Personally, I'd choose the instruments to bring up a bit.
Hi, Jim Kennedy!

Not hearing much of a snare boom but it sounds ok. Snare sound is good. Love the kick! Background vocals could come up just a bit. Nice panning on them! Nice job on the solo guitars! Everything else sounds good!
Hi, Slick3gz!

The snare boom sounds good but the snare itself isn't doing much for me. It sounds ok during the song but in that one spot, it doesn't work. The effect on the fill guitar is growing on me. Background vocals sound good! Lead vocals sound great! Solo guitars sound good. The electric doing the fill during the acoustic tail section is a bit louder than the acoustic's. The acoustic guitars need to come up in that tail section. It might help blend the electric a bit.
Hi, Compyfox!

The share boom is ok but the snare sound itself isn't doing much for me. You seem to have panned the acoustic guitars more toward center than the other mixes. Interesting! Solo guitars sound great! Background vocals sound good! Lead vocals sound good. Bass guitar has good definition.
And so, my top 3 favorite mixes:

1. Compyfox

2. Jim Kennedy

3. Photonic

I have to say it was VERY close for the top two spots and almost became a tie for me. But I listened one more time, bouncing back and forth between the two mixes and the thing that put Compyfox over the top for me was the acoustic guitars. I just really liked the way they were brought in while the other mixes had them panned wide.

Congrats to all of the participants and thank you so much for your hard work! I give you all a big round of applause!!


Thanks, Jeff, for supporting the competition, providing the song, and providing great feedback. And thanks for picking my mix for 2nd place. At least I was nudged out by a great mix and mixer - congratulations Compyfox! Glad to be in Photonics' company as well (his mixes are consistently excellent).


I am happy to reached the top 3 :D
Thank you very much Jeff. Your analysis and comments helped a lot to achiev a better result. It was a pleasure to work with this material.

My congratulations to Compyfox and jhkennedy5 (thanx for your comment mate :hug:). You both did a great job!


First and foremost, congratulations to all participants. And wow, this definitely caught me off guard - I made first place.

I really had a (excuse the language) sh*tload of fun mixing this track. I worked out of my comfort zone and on a very tight schedule (life still happens!), so I did not expect the results (either place would have been fine with me, really).

Can you folks please give me a day or two to decide if I pick up anything from the pool? Would be nice, thanks.

I'll probably revisit the track another time to iron out the remaining things and then post my final mix (like I did the last time around). But I'll definitely need a spare minute for this.

Either way - once more thanks for the great track, thank you (the participants) for joining the challenge.
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Congrats on the win CompyFox! Thanks again to Jeff for providing the material to work with and the feedback. I was really happy even though I didn't make the top 3. I feel like my mixing skills progressed a little further with this effort.


Sorry for the late response...

I thought really long about this - and while the ACON Digital Restauration bundle really tickled my fancy, I'm happy with what I currently have at my disposal.

I'm not picking up anything - so, free selection for my fellow podium place holders. :tu:
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I won't be choosing a prize either. All yours, Photonic!

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