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Time to let your DAW gone wild with the all-new MonoGrizzly 2 VST synthesizer! A full grown monophonic and analog modelled synth for raw and wild analog styled bass and synth sounds.

After some years in the cage, the MonoGrizzly 2 has finally grown to its full size and is ready to bare it`s claws! Coming with a completely reworked engine, a lot of own character, massive oscillators, a toasty filter module based on the classic ladder design and fx effects – packed into an easy-to-use interface.

Starting on the all-new oscillators, which generating 3 analog modelled waveforms at once, you can use with all 3 oscillators together up to 9 waveforms on one note. Every oscillator is enhanced two new sound shaping features: “Spread” – allows to modulate the phases of each contained waveform, and “Roast” – with this mode you can drive the hole sound character of the oscillator to a way more crunchy and rough taste with just one mouse click. In addition you can also sync the second and third oscillator and add noise through the mixer module.

Followed by the overworked filter module, loaded with a tube-based filter drive unit for saturation and an analog modelled 4-pole lowpass ladder filter with a passive controlled feedback circuit. Rounded off with the improved envelopes and new LFO with 8 waveforms, which allows more modulation targets as in the previous version. The new effect section contains a decimate and overdrive fx, aswell as the new two band equalizer. All this packed together with 2x oversampling and anti-aliasing algorithm into the new GUI and charged with 75 new presets – waiting to shows it`s claws and bring you raw and wild sounds!


monophonic analog modelled synthesizer
with 2x oversampling and anti-aliasing algorithm
three massive oscillators
every oscillator generates 3 waveforms at once
Spread option to modulate the phases of each waveform
Roast mode for changing the character to a more deep and rough taste
oscillators 2 & 3 can be synced
additional noise oscillator with tone filter
4-pole lowpass ladder filter
tube-based filter drive unit
passive controlled feedback circuit
improved envelopes
new LFO with 8 waveforms and more modulation targets
decimate and overdrive effect
two-band equalizer
new GUI with 2 different skins
75 complete new factory presets


Full Package (Monophonic Bass Synthesizer for WinOS) 24.95 €


VST 2.3 (32-bit) for Windows
Note: MonoGrizzly 2 could maybe work via Jbrigde in a 64-bit DAW, but we don`t guarantee that. If you`re using WinOS 64-bit DAW please try the Demo Version before buying.


Win32 compatible OS with SSE2-supporting CPU (or higher)
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