It's Realitone's Labor Day Sale!

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Mike Greene
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Post Fri Sep 02, 2016 12:59 pm

That's right, it's our Realitone Labor Day Sale! (Hey, it could have been worse. I could have Photoshopped a RealiDrums box popping out!)

Okay, don't let our bad jokes stop you from saving big! Because the timing couldn't be better. You see, we lowered prices for our RealiDrums 2.0 release and we were about to raise them back. But with Labor Day right around the corner? Heck, lets keep those sale prices in effect through the holiday weekend! For instance:

RealiDrums for just $199!
Realivox Blue with wordbuilder for just $119!
Realivox Ladies for as low as $139
Realivox Teresa for just $79!
RealiBanjo for only $49!
RealiWhistle for just 25 bucks!

So just like when she (or you!) go into labor, you need to move fast! So hightail it on down to and if a cop stops you, tell him your wallet's in labor!

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