Plugins always try to connect to internet - WHY?!

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Post Fri May 06, 2016 2:46 pm

Hi Jan-Manuel,

could you please explain to me why your plugins always try to gain access to the internet whenever they're opened or scanned by the host? I don't like being monitored, even less if it has obviously nothing to do with the functionality of the plugins (they all work perfectly fine although I always deny web access manually). If it's some kind of copy protection... get rid of it, it's not only annoying, and just one step too intrusive. If it's some kind of update-scanner... get rid of it, too, it's only annoying and doesn't give you any advantages in about 99% of all cases - just make it a manual process so that the user can decide by him-/herself when (or if at all) to scan for new updates.

Any kind of information is much appreciated - thanks and best,
Simon :phones:

EDIT: FYI I'm on MacOS X, using (mainly) the AU versions of both Krucz and O-Clip


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Post Sun May 15, 2016 4:48 am

Come on, man, please... Any kind of response would be much appreciated. As of now your products seem to be pretty much abandonware - no updates, no reactions upon user questions/requests... That's quite a shame because there is definitely a lot of potential.

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Post Wed Nov 30, 2016 5:18 am

Oh, it's for copy protection purposes of course.
Sorry, I never got any messages from this forum.
The software is not abandonware, but I did not do much as I had other things to do.

However, Development may continue in the near future.
Actually I've written a lot of code already, the infrastructure for release is just not ready yet.


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