A Komplete replacement ?

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rod_zero wrote:in the meantime you could get 1 synth and a good bunch of drum samples, if you are producing Electronic music I would suggest getting some cost efficient tools: U.he Ace is a very powerful synth, that sounds pretty good for 69 USD and then get some drum samples yo use with Bitwig drum instrument (I come from Live and it is pretty much the same, and I prefer to use this internal drum instrument to something like battery).
This make a lot of sense to me. Seems like a good starting point for the time being, it won't banckrupt me either.
I almost forgot about samples :dog:

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Re: A Komplete replacement ?

Post Sat Oct 21, 2017 8:14 pm

There are merely a few things inside of Komplete Standard that make it worth the price of admission, imo. One of which is Kontakt. It's the industry-standard sampler, period. All the virtual instruments are also useful for us folks who don't make electronic music exclusively. ;) Komplete really does have something for just about everybody.

I've seen Komplete 10 posted for sale here for less than $300. You can save a significant amount if you shop carefully for a used license, especially an older one. IIRC there were only a couple of added products between Komplete 10 and 11, one of which was Una Corda. Go listen to the demos of it to see whether or not you can live without it for a while and just upgrade later.

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