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Post Sat Sep 10, 2016 12:22 am


I want to buy some kits but which format is the best?

I got Kontakt 5 but is the BFD packs worth the money of buying a full BDF3 drum sampleplayer?

I can see that Kontakt packs has Roundrobin but less velocity samples and perhaps Kontakt uses more CPU?

I would think that BFD3 is the best format at all but one should not understtimate the power of Kontakt 5 though it is a standard sampler.

Anyone who has DrumDrops kits in Kontakt 5 and BFD3 formats?

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Re: Format differences

Post Mon Oct 10, 2016 8:29 am

From Drumdrops perspective it all depends what you have. If you have both pieces of software then it is which one you prefer to use. BFD has advantages of swapping individual drums in and out. Kontakt has our own instrument included which from the Vintage Folk Rock kit includes our version 2 instrument which is really slick. They both have the same amount of samples (pretty much). Kontakt has less velocities but loads of round robins - but we just use the round robin samples to give you more velocities in in BFD.

There are a few customers who have bought both - but I will have to let them reply.

Our new kontakt instrument also plays very nicely with v-drum kits (if you use one). You can really tweak the hi-hats very well for any v-drum kit and the snares.

Enjoy which ever one you buy :)

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Re: Format differences

Post Tue Nov 28, 2017 8:33 pm

I'll add a little bit of color to this since I was primarily a BFD3 user, but got some of the samples in Kontakt.

Pros from using BFD3:
Swap kit pieces in/out and with other kits/libraries you may have
BFD3 seems easier to tweak the hi-hat/tightening via v-drums
The damping of a snare can also be applied to the overhead/room channels which makes it easier to control snare ring in other channels without affecting the kick, cymbals etc as would happen if you used the transient shaper on the overhead/room channels to lessen some of that ring/sustain
The BFD3 interface is slightly simpler if you want to add a variety of effects and/or do more complex routing for adding effects to the mixer, sends, etc for parallel compression, busses, etc
Ability to bring in other kit pieces, grooves etc from other libraries
Libraries cost less than the Kontakt libraries

Pros from using Kontakt
The effects sounds better (to me anyway)
If you don't have a lot of routing to do, the mixer is simpler
Less cluttered in the basic mixer interface
Outstanding presets. You can record right away with these and you're good to go
Kontakt seems less resource intensive compared to BFD3

Cons of Kontakt
No swapping of kit pieces to other sample libraries (or even within)
Adding additional effects (e.g. compressors ) requires digging weirdly into the Kontak mixer interface, which for me right at least, is quite daunting :), if you're not routing to your DAW to do this.

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