Rhythmic Robot MINI-505: Kontakt recreation of the Roland TR505

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Post Thu Apr 19, 2018 10:50 pm

Hi guys,

Fans of low-bit-depth early digital samples (and c'mon, isn't that everyone?) might like to glance at our Kontakt recreation of Roland's TR-505. With both standard kit pieces and a selection of rather cool Latin percussion hits, this little plastic box has a very different vibe from its big analogue brothers – ideal for uptempo, agile drum parts. We particularly like the percussive elements and the light, crispy snare.


Our recreation includes all the original kit pieces, plus additional control over pan and level, a Velocity Retrofit feature to allow for more humanised beats, Tilt EQ for quick and easy mix adjustment, and four drum-friendly effects comprising compression, saturation, drive distortion and bit-crushing.

If you'd like to hear it in action, and get it at the reduced launch discount price of just €5, head over here:


More cool stuff soon!

Best wishes,

The Professor (and Mongo)
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