Tea Towel “Ringo” drums?!

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Post Sun May 06, 2018 10:37 am

I tweeted Drumdrops maybe a year or two ago about making a drum library based on Ringo Starr’s Let It Be/Abbey Road-era “tea towel” kit sometime in the future, and I wondered if it was still a possibility.

I know they recorded a five-piece 1960s Ludwig Hollywood kit before (Vintage Folk-Rock Kit), a “tea towel” kit (Memphis Soul Kit), and one based on Ringo’s early Beatles kit (Vintage 1965 Ludwig Super Classic Kit), but his 1969-70-era kit has a classic sound of its own and would be fun to use.

Sonic Reality has a similar library called "Sixties Downbeat Kit", produced by Ken Scott, and it is wonderful and unique and gives a great 1966-67 Ringo sound, but I thought that Drumdrops could produce a good Ringo "tea towel" kit (and maybe even record Ludwig Super Classic Kit with tea towels/1967 muffling techniques) and bring their own usual great standards/affordability to the project.

Drums by Ludwig, Cymbals by Zildjian

* 5 1/2 x 14-inch snare
* 8 x 12-inch High Tom
* 9 x 13-inch Low Tom
* 16 x 16-inch Floor Tom
* 14 x 22-inch Bass Drum
* 14-inch Hi-Hat
* 20-inch Crash/Ride Cymbal
* 20-inch Sizzle Cymbal
* 18-inch Crash/Ride Cymbal

(Source: Beatles Gear)

https://www.ringosbeatlekits.com/ludwig ... m-set.html

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