64 bits versions for Windows & MacOS

Official support for: acousmodules.free.fr



Yes, I know that I am not very active on this board (to say the less...), but there is some important news !

Thanks to Jeff McClintock the 64 bits alpha version of Synthedit 1.4 now supports well the multichannel connexions AND the Audio Unit format for MacOS.
It has been a very long whish, but it comes nicely, even if there is yet a lot of missing compatible modules, making the adaptation of most existing Acousmodules not possible.

Nevertheless, you will find a special page where the current 64 bits beta plugins are gathered :

There is of course still a lot of work to do, and I hope that some limitations imposed by Synthedit or the VST3 format will be improved during 2019...

You can see also the Facebook page

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