Cubase 9.5.x becomes unresponsive after closing project (Win10, x64)

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Post Thu Dec 06, 2018 11:39 pm

fese wrote:
Wed Nov 28, 2018 7:14 am
Origin8tor wrote:
Tue Nov 27, 2018 6:02 am
I also have experienced a similar problem, im running Cubase 10 though, not sure if that makes a difference. But I have noticed that it only seems to crash if I use the X in the top right window, if I use the menus it closes cleanly, worth trying.

and by the way Im on day 7 of nothing from Steinberg support on this issue, my 2nd support case in 3 months, the first took 3 weeks to get a response!
Interesting idea, I'm going to try closing it via CTRL-W or the menu.
Yeah, Steinberg support lives up to its bad reputation. Not only did they give only useless and wrong replies in my case, they often take weeks. It is quite unworthy of the premium price..
squigls wrote: honestly, Cubase has been doing this off and on since FOREVER.
I used to be on Windows, now on OSX, I've had this problem on both OSs

The ONLY way Steinberg is EVER gonna fix this, is by mistake.
They'll just release a new version. Problem solved ;)
must be user error.

in their defence, it's often a plugin or runtime or some similar thing that is the trigger.
burrowing its way into some hole somewhere :P
I *never* had it in five years of Windows 7. Only when I migrated to Win10 (big mistake anyways), with the same version and the same plugins...
And it is definitely related to plugins, I've identified a few and if I don't use them anymore, there's no problem. But it's hard not being able to use Tonebooster's v3 plugins :(
Idea for free: raise the issue at the plugin developer. Their support might be far better.
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Re: Cubase 9.5.x becomes unresponsive after closing project (Win10, x64)

Post Fri Dec 07, 2018 12:33 am

EnGee wrote:
Thu Dec 06, 2018 1:39 pm
Thanks for reporting back fese. Although I did have closing problem (freezing the PC) in version 9 and 8 but not in version 9.5 with my current system. Still I had some lagging when I close but it takes only a second or two.

Unfortunately I can't test anything about Cubase 9.5 anymore as I sold it. However, I noticed I still have Cubase LE 6 in my account, so I installed it. I was curious to see how it performs in Windows 10 and I must say it preforms excellent! Much better than version 8, 8.5, 9 and 9.5. I don't remember I had any problem with version 7 really.

There is no lag when I close Cubase 6 LE. It also loads fast and more responsive in general. Anyway, I bought recently Studio One v4 and Notion 6 to replace Cubase Pro and it doesn't have such lagging. It has some bugs with midi recording, but I could avoid them and in general I'm happy with it more than with Cubase 9.5 :)
Yes, starting/closing the program, loading and unloading a project takes a hell lot of time in Cubase... it's rather annoying, Studio One was much faster in that regard. But switching DAW is not an option for me, i realized that when I tested Studio One and Reaper while debugging this problem... I would just swap some problems/annoyances for other ones (why do I have to double-click to open a plugin window in S1 mixer???) and in case of Reaper, a not very well designed UI for a horrible UI... That and the time it takes relearning everything, nah, I just want to make music...

I've contacted the other developers (TB, TDL) with the findings, let's see what they make out of it...

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Re: Cubase 9.5.x becomes unresponsive after closing project (Win10, x64)

Post Fri Dec 07, 2018 1:42 am

If you don't need the new features in Cubase, then I think the best solution is to try previous versions starting with 6 (actually this is my favourite one!). That in case you want to stay with Cubase and you don't mind the Windows (for me I don't mind really! As it is easy to view/hide the windows with the Function keys.

I don't use a lot the mixer and many effects, but I think the double click is because you can view the mini view of Presonus effects by clicking once:
Actually, I prefer S1 mixer because it is clean and clear. The mixer in Cubase now is like in Reason, very busy and takes a lot of space.
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Re: Cubase 9.5.x becomes unresponsive after closing project (Win10, x64)

Post Sun Dec 16, 2018 3:15 am

Good news, Jeroen from TB implemented a fix for Cubase with the newest plugin bundle 1.2.4 ( Yay, now I can use all those lovely v3 plugins again without having to kill Cubase all the time :)

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