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Post Thu Feb 21, 2019 2:45 pm

As I have understood it products that are fully licenced within NI-access have a degree of license protection not allowing you to use them if that license gets transfered. But that comes with a pricetag most developers consider to high and rather avoid by sticking the risk fully on the customers. This is one reason I personally swapped over to and their subscription so I pay for it when I use it and when I don't we have no connection anymore. Far beats out the experience of downloading hundreds og GBs to find out they were crap and then having to delete them with a feeling of burning money.

I think I am actually a pro business person. I have bought upgrades and licenses that I did not desperately need just cause I like that company and that I hope the next update will give me something great. A good business that handles customers with grace usually lives on and prospers. I don't think that business should be viewed the adversay to its customers by default, but sometimes it turns out that way by their actions. Handled decently both wins, but handled badly both loose. The sample library business seems to be an example of that. Piracy made some corps go over the edge and mistreat their customers assuming all to be pirates. And customers that gets tricked into a rotten deal with a bad product and scornful responses never go back and also doubt buying any thing from any other dealer. So it turns out a loose loose situation with fewer customers, more expensive and few products on the market.

But there are a few gems in the business and this thread is about elevating them from the rest and advicing caution before buying sample libraries. it is not like buying normal stuff in shops that comes with warranty.

As for communism, it is a beautiful idea, but is wide open target for individuals that want to abuse it. So communism is not applicable in a human population. It has always led to misery for the masses.
jancivil wrote:
Thu Feb 21, 2019 11:09 am
Also, as per having no returns policy, a lot of these are Kontakt libraries which once you have the files, you can completely hold onto them and even distribute them after getting your money back (even if they're protected thru NI although I can't really go into that here). I wouldn't operate like that, people are in business. I'm not a pro-big-business kind of a person but these are human beings with livelihoods and a normal self-interest, this is not some kind of communist ideal world we're in here.

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