RapidComposer Keyswitch Articulations

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RapidComposer Keyswitch Articulations

This tutorial is for the Full version that allows you to save keyswitch articulations to any notes in your phrases.

(For RapidComposerLE you can create "Key Switches" for you Virtual Instrument articulations, these are left in Absolute mode so they don't change note as you move them across the chord track, save them with the same name as the Phrase they belong with 'My Riff 004' 'My Riff sw 004' so My Riff 004 might have a slide or bend switch that goes with it. To do it easily I suggest the Full version)

In C:\Users\USER\Documents\RapidComposerV3\DB
You will have your vst's info Kontakt 5.dll.rcINST that is created when you add a vst to RapidComposer
we just create a new text file and rename it Kontakt 5.rcCTRL
we drag it into Notepad to edit
add your instrument in the green text area

Be aware of your keyswitch positions, some programs call middle C (note #60) C4, some other vendors call it C3,
so my keyswitches in Kontakt were on C0 qctave in RapidComposer they were being played on C-1 so in the text Kontakt 5.rcCTRL I had to move them to the C1 octave. As you play the phrase you will see the keyswitches being triggered by RapidComposer.
## Controller and articulation definitions

controllerset= "
Kontakt 5";
controller={name="Modulation"; num=1; default=0; },{name="Volume"; num=7; default=64; },{name="Expression"; num=11; default=100; },{name="Control 20"; num=20; default=64; },{name="Control 21"; num=21; default=0; },{name="Control 22"; num=22; default=0; },{name="Control 23"; num=23; default=10; },{name="Sustain"; num=64; default=0; off=0; on=127; },{name="Legato"; num=68; default=0; off=0; on=127; },{name="Reverb"; num=91; default=64; },{name="Chorus"; num=93; default=0; };

group="The_Resonator"; articulation="Grace Note"; keyswitch="F1";
group="The_Resonator"; articulation="Trill Up"; keyswitch="G1";
group="The_Resonator"; articulation="Trill Down"; keyswitch="A1";
group="The_Resonator"; articulation="Up Silide"; keyswitch="A#1";
group="The_Resonator"; articulation="Down Slide"; keyswitch="B1;
group="The_Resonator"; articulation="Bend 1"; keyswitch="F#1";
group="The_Resonator"; articulation="Bend 2"; keyswitch="G#1";
group="The_Resonator"; articulation="Mute"; keyswitch="D#1";
group="The_Resonator"; articulation="Harmony"; keyswitch="E1";

group="Delta Blues Ac Slide Gtr"; articulation="Sustain"; keyswitch="G1";
group="Delta Blues Ac Slide Gtr"; articulation="Mute"; keyswitch="G#1;
group="Delta Blues Ac Slide Gtr"; articulation="Slide Up Fast"; keyswitch="A1";
group="Delta Blues Ac Slide Gtr"; articulation="Slide Up Slow"; keyswitch="A#1";
group="Delta Blues Ac Slide Gtr"; articulation="Slide Down"; keyswitch="B1";
group="Delta Blues Ac Slide Gtr"; articulation="Harmonic"; keyswitch="F1";
So now we have made and saved our Kontakt 5.rcCTRL for the Kontakt 5.dll.rcINST

Pic 1
We set the the track Instrument to Kontakt
Set the Controller Set to Kontakt
Set the Articulation Set to our Kontakt Instrument Delta Blues Ac Slide Gtr

Pic 2
Set to Note Editing

Pic 3
Set Articulation for note/s in phrase

Pic 4
Switch back to Phrase Editing

Pic 5
Save Phrase to your Custom Phrases e.g: To Group=Guitar/Acoustic/Delta, now you can drag n drop your phrases anywhere and it will fit to key/chord/scale and play the articulations.

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Re: RapidComposer Keyswitch Articulations

Post Thu Mar 21, 2019 8:42 am

thank you for this post. I see it's from 2 years ago, i wonder if it still applies. I wonder if this could be a method to change strings libraries from stacatto to spicato and legato and such...
So i have to create a file like that? I see some number there that I don't know what they mean like "name="Control 20"; num=20; default=64;" ... but then later i see note names like keyswitch="D#1";
That's all the part that I would know, say using a library like EastWest or Spitfire I might know something like C2 key changes something and D2 key changes to say spicato. Would this know to turn the other one off when switching?

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Re: RapidComposer Keyswitch Articulations

Post Thu Mar 21, 2019 9:06 am

Just passing through but I'll comment.
The lines you don't recognize are midi CCs - continuous controllers.
Name string if you want, the controller number, and its default value - 64 being center for something like pan. (Didn't look up 20)

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Re: RapidComposer Keyswitch Articulations

Post Fri Mar 22, 2019 11:45 am

The "controller=..." section lists the usable MIDI CC's.

This page has some help for this file:
http://www.musicdevelopments.com/wiki/d ... iculations

Basically you need to know the keyswitches and articulations for your virtual instrument. This should be in the documentation of the instrument.
Would this know to turn the other one off when switching?
No, a keyswitch does not send a "note off" for another keyswitch, but this is usually not needed.

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