Looking for: Backup of old Angular Momentum AMVST Stylus RMX Library (WAV/REX Format)

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Post Sun Apr 21, 2019 8:57 am

I'm looking or a very specific sample set that was released for free in 2007, but has since vanished off of the depths of the internet and the page from the creators in the first place. In fact, I managed to find a person that once converted the WAV loops to REX, but it took weeks until I got an answer through Facebook, and the answer was "sorry - can't help you - don't have it anymore". I even reached out to AMVST a couple of times (support), only to never(!) get an answer.

I do have a backup converted to the Stylus RMX format. In fact, it's the only backup since the WAV/REX version got nuked in a HDD crash. However, I'm trying to drop Stylus RMX in the long run since nothing has happened to this instrument in years, and it's not as flexible as modern tools regarding plain WAV/REX loop slicing.

I am therefore looking for a backup of the "AMVST Stylus RMX Library", also known as "Riddimloops, Bazeloops, Kickloops, Melodeze & Noizeloops". In both WAV and REX form.

Originaly released in 2007:

I tried "Wayback Machine" as well, but the last remnant of the download has been from 2010, and that leads to a dead end. I at least got the name of the set, but no matter what I do, I can not(!) find a backup on the web.

If you have any lead, or even a backup, please speak up and/or drop me a PM.

Thank you ever so much in advance!
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Re: Looking for: Backup of old Angular Momentum AMVST Stylus RMX Library (WAV/REX Format)

Post Sun Apr 21, 2019 11:53 am

I have these.


I'm not at home now, however, I do have quite a few of my old hard drives with me that I'm slowly going through.

Whether I have the original installer I don't know. Did they come with an installer? I seem to remember they either came in a zip file, or perhaps even having to dl each one individualy. Whatever, doesn't matter I suppose as long as I have all the files. Somewhere.

I'm pretty sure I downloaded everything as well. Don't remember them being called 'Stylus RMX' for some reason. It was over 10 years ago after all. Lot of dead brain cells since then!

I do however remember the "Riddimloops, Bazeloops, Kickloops, Melodeze & Noizeloops" categories.

Hopefully they will be on one of my drives I have here.
Hopefully they will be in a folder/zip so I can just copy them.
Hopefully they won't be in a 'disc image' of one of my old hard drives and I will have to 'open' it up and mount it to view the files.
Hopefully I can find it.

I'll need a few days and if I forget give me a gentle nudge. I have about 6/7 TB of data to trawl through as well. I have a feeling they will be in a disc image if I do have them here.

The good news is that I do have them!


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Re: Looking for: Backup of old Angular Momentum AMVST Stylus RMX Library (WAV/REX Format)

Post Sun Apr 21, 2019 1:20 pm

I plugged in the oldest hard disk I have, and I found them.

Kind of.

I found "Riddimloops, Bazeloops, Kickloops, Melodeze" but no "Noizeloops", unfortunately. It was a while ago. 12 years to this very day in fact!

I also only have the .rx2 files. No wavs.

Having said that, I have some wavs. Which leads me to believe I have the original files/installer somewhere else. They are both (.rx2 and wav) dated 22 April 2007. I found them in my battery 3 folder for kits. I can't imagine I would have converted an .rx2 to .wav, and also due to my OCD I can't imagine I only dl'd a few of the .wav files.

So it looks like I do have the wav files of them as well, just not in this particular folder. It contains everything else though, I think. Over 200 MB of over 1000 files.

I found the .rx2 files in my REX folder, so I think I just copied the .rx2 files there, but I don't have the original Wav files on this particular drive. But it looks like I have them somewhere as I made up both Battery 3 and Fxpansion Guru kits with them. As I suspected they are probably 'buried' in a disc image and it will take some time to dig them out. It looks like I just found the folder of the .rx2 files which I discretely extracted.

Not sure about the "Noizeloops" though. As I seem to remember with what is left of the few braincells I ever had, they had to be dl'd one by one, and I think I just got bored and gave up in the end. They were the last in the series as you listed them. I might be wrong about that. It was 12 years ago.

I'll keep a look out as I go through my drives, which I was kind of doing anyway, consolidating everything I have in to categories to put on NAS, eventually.

Maybe this still helps you out a bit and I can upload them somewhere for you?

I'll make a note to keep an extra sharp eye out for the 'missing' stuff. Who knows, I might have even dl'd those noizeloops at some point - I wouldn't like to say.

I would say though, I have the original wav files of everything I dl'd somewhere.

But eh, it's better to have the .rx2 files uh? Lot more use and pretty much equivalent to wavs to all intents and purposes. Just a bit more of a pain to audition (Ableton is our friend).

My hard disks are messed up organisation wise, so I'm not promising anything, however I do have "Riddimloops, Bazeloops, Kickloops, Melodeze" in .rx2 for you if you want them.

Angular Momentum made some excellent stuff. I noticed they pulled a couple of their otherwise amazing free synths, that I also found in an old folder. Not sure what is up there. He made some great plugins like the DnB monster Analog Warfare, and the mighty 'Freehand', but he never quite got the recognition he deserved. I don't know. Hope he's doing ok. The site is still up from what I can see.

I'd download everything there while it's still up if you didn't already know about these little gems. He was always very responsive and helpful from what I remember.


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Re: Looking for: Backup of old Angular Momentum AMVST Stylus RMX Library (WAV/REX Format)

Post Mon Apr 22, 2019 7:38 pm

What you have is definitely a good start. I do remember that the converted REX content on my end is really thrown together in order to get it to work in Stylus RMX (limited to 68 loops per folder or something).

So I'll definitely take what I can get - and maybe somebody has the full set(s) still. According to Wayback Machine, and KVR's backlogs, the set was released as exe file first (self-extractor) and then as ZIP or RAR. But it was 1 file, two at the most. About 200-250MB packed. Again, going by the backlogs of many, many places. But nobody ever posted a mirror. And then the devs just dropped off the face of the earth.

If you can drop me a PM with a private link, that would be great.
Thank you so much in advance

To everyone else reading along - if you can help out as well, please do. This loop collection was a great(!) addition to Zero-G's Total REX. And I use both to this day to spice up beat sections. But StylusRMX is really getting a bit long in the tooth.
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