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Hi there,

I didn't find a place to put feature requests for this, so I thought I start something here.

I really like the approach of SubLab as a dedicated tool with some flexibility, but there are a few things I would really like to see in future updates, sorted by priority starting with highest:
- better envelopes, multi-step/multi-point, something like that, instead of the simple adsr
- 1 or 2 aux envelopes that can be used to modulate distortion, compression or other paramters apart from the main synth engine
- bitcrush and a soft mode as distortion modes and a peak/notch/midEQ for the sampler

Anyways, great work guys!
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I know SubLab and XL are mono synths, but MPE support would be really nice for glide, slide, and pressure control. It is really difficult to make these work in XL.
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I definitely agree about the envelopes.

This is what i posted in another thread in this forum:
(see here for the full context: viewtopic.php?t=591997)

I'd like to see an expert mode in which you can open up a very big envelope window where you can add envelope points and curves. For me, the benchmark of how to do envelope editing is the Cableguys approach (soft, medium and hard angles).

And i would let users add more envelopes and let us assign them to modulation destinations in the effects and supersaw section.

And to get really into the nitty-gritty, and specifically talking about the pitch envelope, which is key to creating kicks and 808 style basses: by each point in the envelope, i would (optionally) display both a hertz and note value. And if you reduce the "amount" value in the pitch envelope, then the drawn envelope on-screen shouldn't reduce in size, but there should be a hertz scale on the left that reduces, and also the hertz / note value display by a point should also change accordingly. So imagine your pitch envelope is just a simple one like it is now, going from 20k to 40hz. If you reduce the "amount" to 5%, the top point on the envelope should now display 200hz (or whatever). And you might want to add a (tweakable) horizontal line around which it scales. So say you have a tuned kick at 60 hz. But you might want it to go down to 50hz, then settle at 60hz. If you put your horizontal ("scale around") line at the 60hz point, it'll scale around that horizontal line with the 60hz point remaining at 60hz, even if you change "value" from 100% to 10%. So in this scenario, you might want to rename "value" to "scale".

In fact i'm not aware of this ever being done before (scale around) and might be interesting for creating new sounds when you automate or modulate that "value / scale" parameter.

And there are also things like snap to note value that could be cool.

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