Orange 90 release from blortblort for Ableton Live Suite: Analog

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Post Sat Sep 21, 2019 12:19 am

Here is a thing I have been working on for a while
Analog (by AAS, included with Ableton Live Suite instruments...) gets knocked about in many discussions that i've read thru over the years.
Analog is really a pretty capable if not powerful gem.
I hope this set provides a bit of insight into what Analog *can* do ;]
There are more details about this set in the notes on the youtube postings (above) and on the sales site.
use the code 'orangeyeah' to get a 50% on this set good until 9/28/2019
Thanks for your support. I've been hunting for work since my layoff on 6/24 and any financial winfall (however small...) from the sales off my site are very much appreciated ALWAY... but a little more at the moment ;]

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