Tips and Tricks for Word Building with Voices of Prague and Soloists of Prague

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This Thread is here so you and us can share some best practices on how to build words with Voices of Prague and Soloists of Prague. If you have any questions on how to build words you can ask here and us or one of our members will come here and answer your question. As a result this should become a thread of best practices which will lead to faster learning curve to new users.

Below are 2 most commonly requested tips by a new users:

First tip by Virharmonic : Doing words with two vowels : Often we will come across words like How or Out which carry two vowels in them. This is especially common in English Language. There are few ways how to make these words without breaking the Con_Con_Vowel_Con_Con structure of our library.

Example on the word "Out". The Vowels are A and U with the end consonant T. This is best resolved by using the W consonant. In the Libretto engine you would type like this : AWT all in one step. However what if you want the U to be longer. Then you can use the W consonant as a connecting consonant and you will type it like this : AW _ UT and it is up to you how long the U will be sounding although in this case it might not be necessary, there are words where this can be quite helpful

Second Tip. How do I do phrases like "I am" ... This is where another consonant comes into play which can serve as a connecting consonant between A and I as well as in this instance. " I am" will be written like this : ay _ em, but you might find that you want the Y at the end more pronounced so you can double the consonant and do: ay_yem or use the sustain pedal down _ polylegato off and type it like this : a_yem as often in this case the Y becomes pronounced as part of the second syllable rather then end consonant of the first one and the sustain pedal will reassure that the word is nice and tight.

We hope that these simple examples get you started and every time you celebrate some success on a complex word which took you some time, please share it here with us so we can all get the best results possible.

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Hi Virharmonic!
I am very very new to the "Soloists of Prague" library, I have downloaded and installed UVI workstation only yesterday and have just watched the Overview video that is linked on the Virharmonic site. This thread is pretty old, and so I wondered whether I could still submit questions here as they occur, or you'd prefer to have any questions directed rather to the Virharmonic support.
I'm really excited to try this library out and share experiences and sample tracks with people who have worked with it and are more experienced. I run the UVI workstation as a plugin in Reaper which I started to use a few months ago.
My aim is to compose vocal music, and I had searched for a library with a word builder for solo voices.
If there are other threads or resources on how to make best use of the library meanwhile, it would be great if you could point me there. Thanks in advance!

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