Sotube Tape VU metering?

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Post Tue Feb 18, 2020 1:35 am

Any Softube user aware of the Tape -plugin VU meter calibration?
Can´t see any settings, nor does the manual give any information about the calibration.

Is the VU default for -20 dB m = 0?
No calibration option?

The manual just says:
"The VU meter show VU input level and THD amount. When in Level mode, the meters show the VU input level. Keep the input level below the red zone for subtle distortion amount. When in the red zone, the plug-in will add a larger amount of distor-tion and color. When in THD mode, the meters show the distortion amount. It is handy switching to this mode to track even the most subtle distor-tion levelsPeak MetersShow input and output levels of the plug-in. "

Poor information for a decent plugin.

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