These here high falutin' Ipad DAWS that have no punch-in feature....

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Trevor Jackson
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Post Sun Mar 29, 2020 4:56 am

I bought Auria for voice-over work. I thought, surely it would have a punch in feature. It has auto punch, which involves manually setting the in and out locators. What I was hoping for was a transport control in which I could listen to my take and punch in when I was ready to record over it, without having to set locators. There are some consumer-oriented devices in the app store that will do this, but they record on m4A, and I was hoping to have something kind of nice.

It appears Cubasis also has an auto-punch feature involving locators...

Any suggestions? the idea is to have a recording tool in which I can very quickly record over my mistakes while doing voice-over work.

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