How to trade plugins safely

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Post Sun Aug 09, 2020 2:23 pm

I'm still new to this, so far I have read the post about Buy and Sell Plugins Safely, but it does not cover much about trading plugins

Anyone has traded once, please talk about your experience and what the common procedure for a successful trade ?
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Post Sun Aug 09, 2020 2:59 pm

I would typically only trade (vs. buy/sell) with a user with a fair number of posts who is on KVR regularly, meaning they have a reputation to uphold that would be jeopardized by bad behavior. Additionally, I'd expect them to have done some research on what the plugins to be traded typically sell for second-hand. Also worth checking their username Feedback thread in the Classifieds.

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Post Sun Aug 09, 2020 5:12 pm

I bought and sold plugins here and never had problems
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Post Thu Aug 27, 2020 1:16 am

When it comes to trading over the internet, you'll want to make sure you do it with someone who has a good reputation or are at least regular members/frequent posters. Bonus points if they have a post in the feedback thread with a positive experience.

Also, make sure you keep in mind possible transfer fees depending on the company and who is going to over that cost.

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Post Thu Aug 27, 2020 10:07 am

All of these are great tips. Also, go with your gut. You can tell a lot (though obviously not all of the time) by the way someone posts. If something doesn't feel right, move to something else. There are always other deals.

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