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Post Wed Apr 07, 2021 11:35 am

Meanwhile I did find that the statement: "More typically your first exercises will involve a given top tune or bass line with Roman Numerals and figured bass." is borne out by CPE Bach describing his father's practice as a teacher, as stage 1. With stage 2 being the student figures the bass and harmonies.
Also he was at pains to point out JS was not bothering students with Species or Fux.

Another fun fact: Brahms made a list of all the times he caught Bach with teh parallel perfect fifths. 140.
One should note that some of them (I would think like half) are things like the so-called 'Fermata' PP5s, in which they occur pertaining to a next section, or the ones within the same triad. I did see someone arguing that one case in which it occurs doesn't count because both harmonies are 'predominant' (suggesting a larger principle of it not being so important if same type of function). vi in C (Am) goes to iv6 (Fm 1st inv)... I don't think I'm buying that as a non-move. But it was an argument against 'Bach didn't catch that one, or he will have corrected it' in favor of, 'Nah, he didn't think of it as a problem'. This one is perhaps the stronger of those arguments in that it's founded in forward momentum not lost (bass goes A-Ab-G, to V).

most pedantic thread ever

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Ha! It was also Brahms that revealed Mozart`s fifth. Well, that is just the way things go sometimes with humans. While Fux certainly was a great teacher, he closed some holes and uncertainties in the music of his time with his own tastes and imagination. I can forgive him any day, he was only human, and music is complex, but not those who cannonize this first attempt of a music book and use it to make universal standards for others out in the blue air, unbound to period or the style you wish to imitate.

However, there is one benefit to me in this, namely that to achieve a medieval type of sound, I do not have to draw my Jeppesen and start comparing species till my brain hurts, but just break Fux’s rules systematically :lol:
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