Avicii organ sound/vst. (Silhouettes/You Make Me)

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rdlate wrote:
Thu Oct 06, 2016 6:10 am
daan5678 wrote:
camikingo wrote:People, I think i made a discovery.

First of all sorry my bad english its not my native language , so here we go:

When i hear this Organ/Panflute it remember me this kind of panflute that Tim used in Bromance:

At 1:03


Also it apperars at the beginning of his remix of Silhouttes for Ralph Lauren:

At the Beginning:


The other day i bougth VengeanceTotal Dance Sounds 1 and checking the sounds i found something that really catch my attention, in the folder of Melody Loops , exactly number 16 there is a melody loop that sounds , let say ALMOST THE SAME, to his Bromance panflute , obviously the loop is playing other melody , but the sound is really identical , so Fl Studio comes with some native plugins that allows you to choop loops and use the parts you like SO my theory is that he use this technique on that loop to get the sound and made his own melody , maybe he add some Reverb,Delay and EQ
and for the Silhouettes remix and You Make Me maybe he layered it with something else or something like that.

OR maybe the Vengeance Sound pack came after he released Bromance and they try to make a similar loop so if it is like that it destroys my theory :lol:

What do you think :wink:
Nha, totally different. I know where tim got his bromance "flute" from.!
I really don't care, but please stop being too cool for school and being all mysterious. This forum is to help each other out. Yeah, it's a preset from Nexus.
lmao it sooo isnt
/ Ben Potts

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