Can any body tell me where is the registry address for default VST Folder installation path?

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Post Mon Apr 12, 2021 11:11 am


Bu default Windows sets the installation path as 'Program Files\Steinberg\VSTFolder'.
I need to change that to 'Program Files\VST Folder'...

My previous Windows 10 (pre 2016) had a path where you can assign the folder you want. But my present Windows 1809 system doesnt have a registry address for VST.
So I created it:

But it didn't do the trick. Windows still pops up the "Steinberg" path to install...

I can't seem to find any string that contains 'Steinberg'. So I have no idea how the Steinberg is keep being the designated path for VST installs...

Obviously I can get around the problem. But I like to be able to install the damm thing where I want to not what where Windows wants to... And I'd like to do that with efficiency.

Any help will be very appreciated...

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Post Mon Apr 12, 2021 11:25 am

You could use a junction point instead.
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Post Mon Apr 12, 2021 11:39 am

Maybe this will help: viewtopic.php?t=400270
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Post Tue Apr 13, 2021 8:22 am

Thank you but that topic is from 2014... Today such reg address doesn't exists...
And as I mentioned, I can't find any string that says 'Steinberg'... Or 'VST' in that matter...

Junction point is a solution but if I was going to sattle for any solution, I don't need to do anything.
Just point my DAW to the VST folder where that might be and voila...

But I like find the registry address instead...

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Post Tue Apr 13, 2021 9:04 am

cemster wrote:
Tue Apr 13, 2021 8:22 am
Thank you but that topic is from 2014...
The info is still valid. If you don't have the the VST Key, you can create a new one, then add VSTPluginsPath as a String Value.


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Post Tue Apr 13, 2021 2:03 pm

There were no specific strings for VST path or 'Steinberg' anywhere in the Registry... My problem was finding the good spot for the string. My previous address was wrong for this version of Windows, so what worked previously didn't work this time.

So the idea is valid but new Windows new addresses...

Here is the answer I received elsewhere and this one worked...

1. Create a new key named "VST" in the folder "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE" MainMenu > "Edit" > "New" > "Key"
2. In the new key "VST", create a new String Value named "VSTPluginsPath" MainMenu > "Edit" > "New" > "String Value"
3. Enter your VST path ... press ENTER on "VSTPluginsPath"

Thank you all

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