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Post Mon May 17, 2021 10:04 pm

Hi guys, new member here, hopefully this is a good place to post this.

My beloved Digitech Talker has some broken pots. I've taken it to a repair joint but they can't find the exact parts to replace them, and neither can I so I'm shooting a long shot in the dark here.

Does anyone happen to have any information on what kind of variable resistors were used on the Digitech Talker? or where to get them? I've attached a photo of the part needed. The impedance value written on them is 100K A.
Talker pot.jpg
It's an old product but I really would like this fixed, so I'd really appreciate any help!
The repair place I brought it to tried to use some different resistors but the Talker ones are a specific size, and I believe they said that the circuit board being double sided complicated things, or something along those lines.

I've tried reaching out to Harman and a few other places but they couldn't help.

Thank you!
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