Is there a plugin that lets you control and automate the faders of every channel in your mix from a single instance?

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Post Sun Jun 13, 2021 5:48 pm


Recently, I started playing with Waves CLA MixHub and I'm really enjoying it. The ability to EQ, compress and adjust the balance of "buckets" of tracks rather than individually channels is really helping my mixes because I'm able to listen to the mix as a cohesive whole rather than as separate parts. It's not only a faster workflow, it's better because I'm better hearing how everything compliments each other. This is especially so when you EQ and when you adjust the balance of a "bucket".

The only small downside is that what I would love to go a step further and be able to automate each fader from a single instance and that doesn't seem possible. To better explain, if I have 10 MixHub plugins loaded up across my mix including the Kick and Snare, I can't automate the Kick fader from the Snare channel. I still have to load the Kick plugin in order to do that.

What I would love, if such a plugin exists, is adjust and automate the volume of every channel in my mix from a single 'master' plugin. Basically the concept of MixHub but just taking it a step further. I imagine how you'd get it to work would be to load up the plugin across your entire mix and then, either from any random channel plugin or one you load on the Master, you can adjust the volume/panning of every channel that has a plugin loaded up and even automate them.

I think something like this would have good benefits because I wouldn't be staring at an arrangement view of 50, 100 or however many tracks in my mix. Instead, I would have a single plugin instance loaded up in front of me and be able to adjust everything from it. This would be great because, like with MixHub, it would pull you out of the mix and help you hear the big picture. You'd be listening to the entire mix as a whole rather than just a slew of individual channels which tends to happen when you're just staring at your DAW's arrangement view. While I've never owned a big recording console, this seems to be how engineers work -- by having one console or 'plugin' in front of them that lets them control the balance of the entire mix rather than needing to click and delve into a individual channel to be able to do automate anything with it. They instead have their one console or "plugin" loaded up in front of them and they do everything from it.

MixHub already does a great job with it's buckets and being able to EQ/compress/balance entire chunks of your mix. It would be great if you could go a step farther and actually automate all the channel faders in your mix from a single 'master' plugin.

If there's ever been a plugin like this, I would appreciate it! thank you!

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Post Mon Jun 14, 2021 12:21 am

iZotope Neutron maybe.

I don't know what DAW are you using - unless it's ableton, which lacks a traditional "mixer" - most DAWs have a mixer view, which more or less looks like a console.

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Plugin formats weren't really intended to replace the DAW mixer and buss routing. MixHub is a bit of a hack towards this end, but there are going to be limitations compared to working directly with the DAW mixer.

What we really need is better customisable channel strips in our DAW mixers. This change needs to come at the DAW level, and maybe through extended plugin formats that support integration. You can assign a bunch of knobs in REAPER's but it's cumbersome and visual feedback is limited to a handful of inbuilt effects.

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Post Mon Jun 14, 2021 2:59 am

Sounds like you might like Harrison Mixbus or Reasons SSL mixer. It's not a plugin, but is trying to emulate that big mixer feeling.

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SSL Native channel strip with the SSL 360 app? You can certainly see each instance in 360 and control all of the channels from it but I'm not sure about automation in 360 as its separate from the DAW.


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Hey everybody! thank you for the responses! I use Ableton Live which, as Ploki says, doesn't have the most traditional mixer. Using the mixer, arming tracks, and mixing 'console-style' is something I've never really done before which I'm getting into. It probably is best to just practice with that. On the other hand, being able to better control the channel strips like imrae says, or outright using a plugin with a better layout, would make life much easier. I'll explore and play around with different ideas :)

Thank you!

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Post Mon Jun 14, 2021 2:03 pm

Frankly for traditional mixer workflow its simpler to go to another daw in my opinion

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Post Mon Jun 14, 2021 3:30 pm

Waves NLS? I guess most DAW:s has likning as well.

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Post Thu Jun 17, 2021 4:19 am

What you look for exists already in every DAW of this planet. Its not a plugin, its called master fader… has exactly the same effect as moving all faders at the same time.
Most DAWs allow as well to group tracks. That would actually move all the faders which belong to the group also visually at the same time. Way better than any plugin could do…

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Post Mon Jun 21, 2021 10:35 pm

Using VCA faders in your DAW. Or use an analogue modelling plugin like Waves NLS, Slate VCC or Plugin Alliance Lindell 80

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