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Post Mon Jun 14, 2021 4:02 pm

Ever seen a GTX driver for windows 7 without any telemetry, what about with only one service?
I didn't think it was possible either, and to be honest the RTX voice does not work as well on the older driver but everything else does. It does not come down to speed, but the lack of feedback; which is hot.

I'll be playing a game now with no glitch, it's the same with rendering. Like I said though progs like RTX Voice suffer for it. However, this is a meaningful guide for those who wish to understand it.

Here's the video.

Here's the list of drivers and downloads that I've been swearing by lately:

Here's a speed enhancer for nvidia GPU's. I think it's a one shot deal though, so research the heck out of what you wish to apply first.
https://github.com/Deltafox79/Win_1337_ ... s/tag/v1.9

Here's the image showing only one Nvidia service happening:
Zoom In

Here's the screenshot of My outbound policies for the Windows Firewall:
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