Optimal Linnstrument settings for Slate + Ash AURAS

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Post Thu Jul 22, 2021 9:06 am

Hi all, I just picked up my Linnstrument 128 a couple weeks ago. It's my first MPE controller and I'm loving it so far.

I've read the manual and watched Roger's setup video a couple times but I'm still a little unclear as to how I might set the Linnstrument to take full advantage of Slate + Ash's AURAS instrument.

From AURAS FAQ page:

"AURAS is set up by default to work with the ROLI Seaboard, but it works with other MPE controllers too.

Each parameter in AURAS that reacts to MIDI from the Seaboard also reacts to a MIDI CC number — all you need to do is set your MPE device to send the correct CC numbers (CC01 for slide, CC11 for press, CC127 for glide) and everything will work"

I've figured out how to set CC11 for press, but what is the difference between "slide" and "glide" and how can I set this properly? MIDI has always been kind of confusing to me with all the different types of messages, so I'm trying to use my ownership of the Linnstrument as an opportunity to learn.


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Post Thu Jul 22, 2021 9:44 am

Thanks for owning a LinnStrument 128.

AURAS makes it difficult because they’re asking you to use non-MPE message types for use with MPE controllers, which suggests a poor implementation. The official MIDI messages used for MPE are described on the “What Is MPE?” page on my site, accessed from the LinnStrument Support page.

ROLI adds to the confusion by not using industry standard terms. Here’s a translation of ROLI-speak into normal terms:

Strike = velocity
Glide = left/right movements (X axis, using MIDI Pitch bend messages)
Slide = forward/backward movements (Y axis, using MIDI CC74 messages)
Press = finger pressure (Z axis, using MIDI Channel Pressure messages)
Lift = release velocity

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