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Our little journey through time continues with our second vinyl drums edition....
Entered destination of our time machine: Eye in the sky of the 70s
If you like authentic and tight vinyl drumsound of the 70s,
you will enjoy the "VINYL DRUMS Vol. 2".

Inspired by „The „Alan Parsons Project" we tried very hard to emulate the entire chain
using analog tape and sampling back from real vinyl record.

Here are the main features:
- Clear and Easy to use Interface
- Multi Round-Robin and articulations (8 to 10 RR)
- GM Mapped
- Kontakt 5.4.3 and above
- WAV files are included (24bit/48kHz)
- "SDM"-method: Tape & Vinyl Sampling
- Mix-ready (you get what you hear)

In order for the drums to sound as authentic RETRO and "vinylesque" as possible, to capture the real VINTAGE sound of the good old days, we have used an innovative method for drumsampling that has never been used before, with the firm belief that Vintagedrumsamples will be releasing more VINYL drum kits in the near future.
The following is to explain why we differ from other providers.
Our innovative method is called "SDM".
What means "SDM"?
First of all we recorded several drumkits as carefully as possible with our finest analog gear. After the individual samples had been processed, they were cut onto VINYL. This is our innovative step called "Sample Dubplate Method", briefly summarized in "SDM".
The next step is self-explanatory. From there we will transfer the samples back into the digital world with all its ANALOG flavor. Yummy!
There it is! A new star is born, with a really great idea.
With all the thousands of drum samples and drum libraries that exist in the audio world, no RETRO drum library has so far convinced us as analogously and nostalgically as ours.
See for yourself!

Get it here:
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