Sound Magic releases Bass Trio - 3 Bass instruments in one bundle

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Post Fri Sep 17, 2021 7:23 am

Sound Magic introduces Bass Trio featuring 3 Bass instruments, powered by the latest Neo Orchestra Hybrid Modelling Engine and Hotone’s CDCM technology.

Bass Trio features 3 extraordinary Bass instruments from Lakland, Silvertone and Hofner. The 3 bass became a unique bundle which gave the musician the freedom to choose the Bass sound they want. Musicians will have a wide range of choices of different bass sounds. And can cover Metal, Rock, pop or other music genres with ease. What is more, musicians will also have the ability to mix different bass sounds to forge their own style of bass sound. Finally we are able to provide this wonderful bass instrument bundle with an amazing and affordable price.

Bass Trio is deeply sampled over 18GB uncompressed contents,over 20,000 samples with multi velocity layers and round robin samples. Bass Trio also has modeled Vibrato, Slide, Bend and Legato, this gives its sound more freedom and can vividly express the emotion. Also we sampled different techniques on each bass to ensure musicians have the best choices when playing Bass Trio.

Bass Trio now has an introduction offer as $99 (MSRP $199) until Dec 2021.

Bass Trio is available to purchase online directly for $99.00 USD from here:

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