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I created free Piano in 162 instrument patches for Logic Pro X 10.6 Sampler (also known as EXS24). It is based on the excellent Piano in 162 sample library (14 GB, 5 GB FLAC download). There are also several channel strip patches available with smart controls for microphone mix and quick access to key effects like compressor or key response.

Smart Controls.png

Brief overview of what is available:

Logic Sampler instrument patch in two mic configurations (close, ambient) in multi-output setup. Filter cutoff modulated by velocity to flatten out sharpness of the tone. Channel strip patches with Smart Controls (MP3 previews available on my github page), five in total.

Smart Controls for all strip patches: Microphones - Close: volume of the close microphones. Microphones - Ambient: volume of the ambient microphones. Dynamic - Compression: channel compression gain and threshold, leftmost position is a bypass. FX - Low: channel equalizer low frequency control. FX - Key response: velocity processor gain and ratio for light touch, leftmost position for natural response. FX - High: channel equalizer high frequency control.

Strip Settings.png

No conversion tool was used to create this instrument, it was all made from sctratch manually note by note. Start and end of each sample was audited multiple times, volume was manually modified for the best possible experience and few problems fixed. This was all done in my free time, I am not a professional sound designer.

All patches were created in Logic Pro X 10.6 and may not be compatible with older version of either Logic Pro, or Logic Sampler (EXS24 in older versions).

Sample Editor Start.png

NOTE: This is the first version, I am looking for feedback both for installation process (which is very clunky - I cannot redistribute the sample content for licensing as well as bandwidth reasons) and also for instruments as well. It is far from being perfect, I spent four weekends messing around with this until I got something that is decently playable.

Sample Editor End.png

What is Piano in 162

Piano in 162 is a sample library of a Steinway Model B grand piano for Native Instrument Kontakt as well as other formats excluding Logic Pro. It was created by Simon Dalzell and made available free of charge, however, redistribution of the sample content is not allowed. Therefore, this repository only contains Logic patches. To get the instrument working in Logic, Piano in 162 sample content must be downloaded separately (SFZ version). Since it is a huge download, feel free to start it on the background while you can finish reading this page.

The grand piano was sampled in high quality (96kHz) with two mic configurations (close and ambient) without and with sustain pedal for sympathetic resonance. Each of the 88 keys has five velocity levels (pp, p, mp, mf, f), every sample is present twice for round-robin and sample files are well organized with good names.

The download size is 4.7 GB and all 3520 samples are distributed in FLAC format, an efficient loseless compression. Logic Sampler does not support FLAC encoding, therefore all samples must be converted to WAV in order to be able to load the instrument. Make sure you have at least 19 GB of free space before you start.


IMPORTANT: Redistribution: Sample content copyright is owned by Simon Dalzell (Ivy Audio). Head over to their site for more information. The patches for Logic Pro are public domain, feel free to do anything you want. If you do some decent improvements, send patches back over to me. Make sure to describe what you did so I can test it.

Mixer Expanded.png

Why you did this?

For fun, more info on my page.

>>> DOWNLOAD <<<

Patches with tutorial (including a youtube video) on how to extract and convert FLAC to WAV: https://lukas.zapletalovi.com/Piano162Logic

Piano in 162 the sample library (you will need to download the SFZ version): https://ivyaudio.com/Piano-in-162

Sample Editor End.png

More information on my (github) page. I am looking for your feedback! Enjoy the instrument. Big thanks to Simon Dalzell for sample content.
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