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Soarer wrote:No one knows! 16 or more.
Just wanted to try and made 24 notes in a midiclip and they all played.
Well, checked today this moment slightly better than year ago. Nonetheless, it's have just 16 poliphony unfortunately. So, for example chord in Uni 4 voices mode, can play only 4 notes together (4*4=16). Damn, slightly sad restriction. At least if it could be 32..
Thus can say, 4x unison unusable here for pads.
In "Poly" mode (not "Chord") I have just tried using 4 voice Unison and was able to play 6 notes without problems and even 8 notes seemed to work. Have not checked how many are possible yet.

The "Chord" mode seems to a bit different but i admit i rarely used this so far. The Chord mode alo seems to automatically activate the "Hold" button so notes keep palying after the keys are released. With the "Poly" and "Mono" mode (the 2 "normal" modes) you could activate that button yourself if needed.
Hmm interesting, Ingo but i meant exactly Poly mode, not "Chord" (since im unsure what its do).

I dont know, my setting for checking it quite simple: i take init preset, set release to maximum, and beginn to press note by note in UI keyboard. And i good hear that each fourth pressed node (in Uni4 mode) are kill the first one.

Here i made video example (see it please), in which this behavior is good hear. What i doing wrong ? http://www.mediafire.com/file/1nl36ch83 ... estion.mp4

Hmm, BUT without "note off" (ie if use simultaneously pressed notes, not note by note during maximum release) its really can play more than 4 note in uni4 mode. To be more precise - 8 notes maximum. Ie in such circumstance here reproduce really 32 voice polyphony.
But why it's not works in my "single notes" example ??

not sure if setting Release to maximum (R value: 1.00) is really a good test for polyphony as at maximum the sound almost seems to play forever or at least for a very long time that is not realistic for a usual track. At a Release value of 0.90 the time is already quite long but at that value the sound will stop after a while. I measured around 19 seconds for an Amp Envelope Release value of 0.90 (Release stage set to exponential mode). At a Release value of 0.95 it already takes around 32 seconds until the volume is at 0.

At maximum Release there indeed might be a problem when playing multiple single notes but when playing 4 notes at once they seem to play properly. Even holding one note in a lower octave and playing others in a higher one seems to work properly.

At medium and short release time i do not really noticel problems with the polyphony, also when playing single notes.

So at "realistic" playing conditions i currently do not really see problems. FWIW using the maximum Release time does not seem to be a common value for all patches i know so far.

Of course at such extreme Release values some note stealing could happen after a certain amount of notes is played.
Using 2 voice Unison or no Unison of course reduces problems with the Release time and possible note stealing too as less voices are used.
Ok, i understand, thank for reply. Well, usually i set release to maximum just for more convenient reproduce simultaneously sounding voices, just as a test. But for music creation - Ofcourse, it's not common trick also for me. But frankly, i first time see such strange relation (dependency) between release lenght and voices amount ability (if it's not a bug).


There is another question - about "x-touch" source controller (X-dimension from blade keys). 8) It's has a just virtual role ? I mean - for modulation only through mouse in realtime ? (No ability to assign it to any CC or mod wheel\velocity etc ?)


temporubato wrote:So, then take this as an unofficial announcement. And don't go to support now, wait till there's an official announcement.

In any case, all blame to me.

But there's something nice to come :-)


Is this still $5?
Love producing


I don' t know if rolf wöhrmann still reads here. But I would be interested in how it goes on with the NAVE? Will there still be bugfixes or further developments?


Returning to the topic, about my complaint about voices amount in Unison mode with long env.release (just recently started using it again).

For just in case, again, simple example.

Set "Uni 4" mode (with poly mode), and set Release in amp envelope near to maximum.
Then, make in daw sequencer some midi chord texture contain 7 notes.
So, during playback, while this notes active - sounds all of 7. But when notes are ended (start release phase) then half of notes are stopped, and sounds release of only 3 (or 4) notes from 7.

So, nonetheless i don't think that it normal behavior.

In case of polyphony restriction we would be hear always 3(4) notes, no matter during release or sustain. But here something unclear.


Resurrecting this thread, because I have a question about Nave... I recently bought it, and, I noticed that, when you use unison, the voices seem to always phase. On the other hand, when you use the VA/sub oscillator, and then use the Überwave, it doesn't phase at all.

I'm puzzled now. Are the oscillators free running, or fixed phase? There is no phase control at all on the synth, as far as I can see, so, I figured that they're always free running, but, the unison phasing indicates that they are fixed phase. Anyone can tell something about that?


Is this worth it at 41 bucks today?
https://www.audiodeluxe.com/products/vi ... ldorf-nave


I like Largo much more, but, YMMV.


Yes I have Largo and love it (not Largo 2). At this price Nave is quite tempting, even though I was looking at the Moog Mariana hmm and no I would rather not buy both! hah


What I noticed with Nave: Filter distorts pretty badly with higher resonance. The envelopes don't seem to be as fast/snappy as Largo's (the transient clicks are completely missing). I didn't like the virtual analog part of the synth as much. Phase can't be retriggered )I think). I didn't like the GUI as much. I have no need for the vocal synthesis. The unison seems to always phase (see above). IMO, that's a bug.

I sold Nave a while after I bought it, simply because I consider Largo the much better synth. Nave has slightly more comprehensive wavetable section with a few more options though.

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