Logic Pro 10.7 Released

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Post Mon Oct 18, 2021 12:58 pm

Just got the update by searching for Logic Pro X in the Mac App Store.

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Post Mon Oct 18, 2021 1:51 pm

The general overview usually only shows a small percentage of the full release notes.

New in Logic Pro 10.7

New Features and enhancements
* The count-in now uses the time signature of the bar where recording will start in cases where there is a time signature change at that bar.
* It is now possible to paste regions copied from multiple tracks to new tracks using a Marquee selection to define the starting track and position.
* The Select Unused Tracks command now excludes tracks inside Summing Stacks.
* Step Sequencer now offers a function to separate Drum Machine Designer patterns by kit piece.
* The Track Inspector now offers separate MIDI input and output port settings
* Step Sequencer now offers a method to create a set of interpolated data between two values.
* It is now possible to convert MIDI regions to Step Sequencer Pattern regions.
* Step Sequencer now offers a Mono Mode.

Stability and reliability
* Resolves an issue where Logic could quit unexpectedly when a Flex Pitch note is created in an empty region.
* Fixes an issue where the Impulse Response Utility could quit unexpectedly when changing its output from Built-in Audio to RME HDSPe and MADI FX.
* Fixes an issue where Logic could sometimes quit when playing back samples with included MIDI LSB/MSB data in Alchemy.
* Fixes an issue where Logic would quit unexpectedly when performing Swap with Source in Alchemy’s Keymap Editor when a zone is missing.
* Logic no longer quits unexpectedly when importing AAF files on Apple Silicon-based Macs.
* Fixes an issue where Logic could quit when the Stereo/Mono input mode switch on an Aux channel is Ctrl-clicked.
* Fixes an issue where Logic could quit when setting a patch as Default.
* Logic no longer hangs for a long time when multiple MIDI files are dragged to the Loop Browser.
* Fixes an issue where Logic could quit sometimes when saving songs from previous versions of Logic to the Logic project format.
* Fixes an issue where editing global text objects in multi-page view in the Score can cause errors or for Logic to Quit.
* Fixes an issue where Logic would quit unexpectedly when adjusting zoom of the Alchemy Waveshaper or Convolution Reverb using two finger gestures.
* Fixes an issue where Logic would quit unexpectedly when loading a project that contains a stereo instance of ES2 with a modulation of "Diversity" from a setting created in a surround instance of ES2.
* Resolves an issue where Logic could quit unexpectedly when exporting a movie file with its original AAC audio track.
* Resolves an issue where Logic could hang if both the New Track window and Control Surface Setup window are open at the same time.
* Fixes an issue where Logic could quit unexpectedly when loading presets or duplicating tracks containing Audio Unit plug-ins on Apple Silicon Macs.
* Fixes an issue where Logic could quit unexpectedly when left idle with multiple control surface devices connected.
* Resolves an issue where Logic could quit unexpectedly when saving a patch that contains a Track Stack with one or more sub-tracks named “-”.
* Fixes an issue where Logic could unexpectedly stop recording and then go into play mode in certain rare cases.

* Logic's graphic performance is no longer affected by running Logic Remote on a connected iPad.
* Copying a take folder by Option-dragging no longer takes an unexpectedly long time.
* Performance is improved when learning or replacing MIDI CC data in Step Sequencer from an external MIDI controller in Live Record mode.
* Presets in Sampler now load faster.
* Performance when resizing the Key Commands window is improved.
* Performance in the Alchemy UI is improved on 16" MacBook Pro.
* Performance is improved when cycling a Live Loops grid with tempo changes.
* Performance is improved when creating a new empty Drum Machine Designer kit.
* Performance is improved when dragging stompboxes into the Pedalboard.
* Scrolling performance in Logic Remote is improved when navigating the Mixer using the left/right arrow keys in Logic Pro
* Perfromance is improved when using Sustain events with the Arpeggiator.
* Performance when dragging files from from the File Browser to a Drum Machine Designer pad has been improved.

Step Sequencer
* The Playhead in the Step Sequencer editor is no longer offset unexpectedly in projects that start earlier than 1 1 1 1.
* The Step Sequencer Pattern Inspector now includes thr additional parameters Automation Mode and MIDI Channel.
* The “Transpose to Project Key” command is now immediately available in Step Sequencer after the key of the project has been changed.
* Live Record in the Step Sequencer now respects Mono Mode / Monophonic input.
* Live record in the Step Sequencer now works with all plug-in parameters.
* Step Sequencer now offers 2 bar and 4 bar Step Rates.
* Converting MIDI automation to a Step Sequencer pattern region now retains all MIDI event types and values.
* In Mono Mode, pasting an enabled step disables other steps in the same column.
* Quantizing or transposing Step Sequencer pattern regions on Drum Machine designer tracks will not cause the row assignments to change.
* The command to untie steps in Step Sequencer now works.
* The function to Learn Replace a row in Step Sequencer has been added to the Functions menu.
* Add custom names to rows in the Step Sequencer.
* The Step Sequencer row assignment menu now offers an “Add/Edit Custom Name” option.
* Row playheads in Step Sequencer are now colored red when Live Record is active for the row.
* Step Sequencer now offers a Mono Mode to simplify editing monophonic patterns like bass lines.
* Step Sequencer now offers options to record live into rows.
* Step Sequencer now offers a step input record mode.
* Melody and Note rows in Step Sequencer now offer a legato mode.
* Entering notes into Step Sequencer pattern regions that are longer than 16 steps no longer causes running playheads to jump to positions within the first 16 steps if the floating Note Repeat window is open.
* Adjusting the pitch setting in a Drum Machine Designer Pattern Sequence row no longer changes the triggered kit piece.
* The Scale menu in Step Sequencer has been moved to the main menu.
* When the only soloed row in Step Sequencer is deleted, the other rows no longer appear to be muted.
* Automation mode and MIDI Channel are now available in the Pattern Inspector, even if there are no rows yet in the Pattern region.
* Row names can now be quickly edited by pressing Shift and Enter with a row highlighted.
* There are now options to sort rows by various criteria
* It is now possible to record directly into Melodic Rows in Step Sequencer,
* Subrows for Start Offset and Chance are now included by default in Pattern regions created for Drum Machine Designer.
* The Step Sequencer Edit menu now includes a Delete Unused Row option.
* Mono Mode is now preserved when note ons and note offs are randomized in Step Sequencer.
* Step Sequencer now shows only one row per input note in cases where multiple Drum Machine Designer pads use the same note to create layered sounds.
* The default values for automation row steps no longer update if any steps in the row are already enabled or have manually entered values.
* It is now possible to create multiple rows for the same MIDI note on different channels.
* Command + Option can now be used to tie notes in various Step Sequencer edit modes.
* Step Sequencer now offers Increment/Decrement buttons to scale all rows in the current edit mode.
* Row labels in Step Sequencer can now be custom named.
* The Command key can now be used to tie steps in Step On/Off edit mode.

Live Loops
* The Live Loops cell inspector now correctly shows the quantize value for the currently active take.
* Live Loops cells now retain changed default Play From settings in the Inspector.
* If the Live Grid is in focus when a Drummer track is created, a Drummer cell is created.
* When a currently playing cell in the Live Loops grid is duplicated in the same row, playback is switched to the duplicated cell.
* The “Copy Cycle To Live Loops” command now works in cases where the Live Loops grid has not yet been opened.
* It’s now possible to record Region-based Automation from Software Instruments or plug-ins while recording into a Live Loops cell  if Record Automation with MIDI Region is engaged.
* Names of Pattern Cells dragged from the Live Loops grid to the Tracks area are now preserved.
* Adjusting a Live Loops cell length to be longer than the current Loop length during playback no longer causes the cell to be stuck in play.
* Live Loops cells containing Pattern regions now play back in time consistently.

Sampler/Quick Sampler
* Keymap output routings are now set correctly in Sampler
* Samples recorded in Quick Sampler and saved as settings are now reliably triggered by MIDI when loaded into a new instance of Quick Sampler.
* Copying Zones from one layer top another no longer also copies their group.
* Note labels are now created consistently for all all slices when creating a Quick Sampler instrument in Sliced mode.

* Faders are no longer unexpectedly set to 0 db when released in Touch (Relative) mode.
* It is now easier to copy/paste automation plug-in data between tracks.
* The Eraser tool now reliably deletes automation points.
* Enabling the bypass button for automation in the channel strip now dims the automation data instead of hiding it.
* Fixes an issue where dragging selected automation points to the left in grouped tracks can cause an unselected point just before the leftmost selected point in the grouped tracks to be deleted.
* Autoselect Automation Parameter now works reliably in Automation Read mode on the Master track, Drummer tracks and tracks using Guitar or Bass patches from the Sound Library.
* Fixes an issue where setting an unselected track to Automation Trim mode could set the selected track to Trim mode.
* Fixes an issue where Logic could output a burst of noise with certain extreme automation settings of the High Cut parameter in Channel EQ.
* Region-baseed automation no longer plays back in muted take regions.
* Snap behavior when dragging Region-based automation points has been improved.
* Automation is now reliably chased and displayed in the track header control when playback is started at any point in a project.
* The tooltip when editing automation points now reliably displays below the cursor.
* It is now possible to record automation with regions on the main track of a Track Stack.
* Holding Option while selecting or deselecting “Record Automation with MIDI Regions” now sets all compatible channels to the setting.
* Automation written for a Surround Panner with stereo input now writes automation for Angle, as expected.
* Multiple selected faders now maintain their same relative positions when adjusting one of them after automation has been enabled, disabled and then re-enabled.

* MIDI events restored by performing Undo during playback are now immediately chased correctly.
* When playing back in Cycle mode, the correct MIDI events are now reliably chased.
* CC data at the beginning of a region or Live Loops cell is now reliably triggered when playback is started at the region start position.
* Pitchbend data is now chased reliably.
* Fixes and issue where Chase occasionally generates unexpected Sustain Off messages when adjusting other controls during playback.
* Fixes an issue where Chase occasionally plays MIDI data from earlier in a track after playing current MIDI data of the same type.
* Sustain messages are now chased correctly if the Playhead is moved during playback.
* Region-based Automation is now chased reliably.
* Chase now properly picks up events from looped regions.
* Regions with Clip Length enabled no longer cause unexpected notes to be chased at the start of playback.
* Chase for MIDI messages has been improved
* Note events at the start of a region are no longer chased if the left corner of the region starts after the note on.

Track Stacks
* Shift-clicking to select multiple tracks no longer causes tracks inside of closed Track Stacks to be selected.
* Fixes an issue where tracks with stereo inputs enclosed in Summing Stacks could change to No Input when loaded as part of a saved Patch.
* Resolves an issue that prevented Track Stack overview regions from being selected in certain cases in which the Track Stack contained aliases of audio regions.
* Track Stack patches now display the track name that was saved with the patch
* Sustain pedal events now work reliably with all sub-tracks of a Summing Stack in cases where one or more of the tracks has a Key Limit set.
* Dragging a region or loop onto a track within a Track Stack now automatically loads inactive plug-ins on the main track of the stack.
* Dragging main tracks containing nested Track Stacks to different positions in the Track Header no longer causes the dragged tracks to be unexpectedly added to other Track Stacks, or to disappear entirely.
* New tracks created in a Summing Stack are placed immediately below the currently selected track.
* The “New Track with Duplicate Settings and Content” command now creates a track within the current Track Stack when applied to the bottommost track in the stack.
* The red preview region now shows incoming events while recording MIDI to the main track of a Track Stack.

Flex Time and Flex Pitch
* In Flex Time view, compressed segments are not incorrectly colored red at certain horizontal zoom levels.
* Flattening a Take Folder with an active Comp no longer causes Quantize to unexpectedly switch off.
* Fixes an issue where the Reset All Flex Edits command on a set of Grouped tracks in Slicing mode could throw the regions out of sync with one another.
* Grouped tracks containing flexed takes takes now remain in phase when the number of transients in a Quantize referenced track is changed.
* Transients edits made to audio regions after performing “Analyze Audio for Flex Editing” are now retained when a project is saved and then reopened.
* Fixes an issue where audio regions set to Flex: Mono mode could sometimes exhibit crackling noises after the region borders are adjusted.

* Alchemy now saves its CTRL Assignments as part of Patches.
* User created Alchemy AAZ files are now always saved to the project folder, or with a Patch file.
* Fixes an issue in which the Vowel Pad and Noisy Ghost Rhythm patches in Alchemy did not sound right.
* Fixes an issue where MIDI notes playing Alchemy could sound beyond the region end even when a Sustain Off message has been sent.
* Text now reliably remains visible when typing in parameter values for controls in Alchemy.
* Sustain now works correctly with single voice Alchemy presets that use Retrigger/Legato mode.
* Alchemy's MIDI Mono Mode setting now saves as expected with Performance Patches.
* The Waveform display in the Convolution Reverb no longer disappears if an effect in a prior slot is dragged to a later slot.
* Moving a Waveshaper instance to another slot no longer causes other instances of Waveshaper to be added.
* Fixes an issue where saving an edited version of an Alchemy factory preset could create an unnecessary copy of AAZ file.

* The Goniometer display in the Multimeter plug-in now continues to show output on Retina displays when receiving stereo white noise.
* Enabling “True Peak Detection” on one channel of the Limiter or AdLimiter plug-in in Dual Mono mode no longer puts the left and right channels out of phase with one another.
* The disclosure triangle for advanced plug-in parameters is now available when the Advanced Tools preference is not enabled.
* The Peak Hold indicators in the Level Meter and Multimeter plug-ins no longer freeze when the level is reduced during playback.
* A Software Instrument plug-in window that is in Link mode and minimized no longer blinks when an audio track is selected.
* Enabling True Peak Detection in the Adaptive Limiter plug-in no longer causes the output to be lowered unexpectedly.
* Enabling True Peak Detection in the Adaptive Limiter plug-in no longer causes the overall output level to be unexpectedly reduced.
* The AutoFilter LFO Rate control now works properly in the Pumping Pitch Riser patch.
* On Apple Silicon Macs, switching between channels on dual mono instances of Audio Unit plug-ins no longer causes the plug-in display to briefly flicker.
* Fixes an issue where Audio Unit V3 MIDI plug-ins could show up multiple times in the plug-in list.
* The signal now remains in phase when using the Grit or Tubeburner pedal modules in parallel on the Pedalboard.
* Fixes an issue where the cutoff filter in Retro Synth could sound different after several consecutive presses of the same key.
* Audio Unit plug-ins with square windows now display properly on Apple Silicon Macs.
* Logic now properly migrates instances of Kontact 5 to Kontact 6 after Kontact has been updated on the computer.
* Resolves an issue where IRs in Space Designer could be unexpectedly truncated after the project sample rate is changed.

* Fixes an issue where double-clicking on the Surround Panner to open a floating pan window occasionally leads to unexpected changes to the pan position.
* Selecting multiple channels in the Mixer using the Command or Shift keys now works consistently.
* Plug-in insert slots now show an indicator when plug-ins are using a sidechain input.
* Setting the channel strip in the Main window inspector to Surround output while the Smart Controls view is showing EQ on the Output no longer causes all insert slots on the Output to be filled with Channel EQ instances when the left channel strip is switched back to Stereo.
* The Mixer now reliably updates to show that all effects plug-ins have been removed after the Remove All Effects Plug-ins command is used.
* It is now possible to change the Automation Mode for multiple channels in the Mixer that are not assigned to tracks in the Main window.

* Group settings now offer an option to create a default set.
* Groups in tracks with Track Alternatives are now maintained properly when a Take folder is disclosed on one of the tracks in the group.
* Audio regions on grouped tracks whose anchors are not at the region start point are no longer unexpectedly selected when other non-overlapping regions in other tracks in the groups are selected.
* It is now possible to select a region on a track assigned to a group without also selecting overlapping regions on the same track.

Drummer/Drum Machine Designer
* Samples or loops onto Drum Machine Designer pads now trigger reliably.
* Drummer now outputs sound when the Vintage Brushes kit is set to play only from the percussion section in the Drummer Editor.
* Fixes an issue where clearing all Pads in an instance of Drum Machine Designer could clear plug-ins from shared Auxes associated with the Drum Machine Designer instance.
* Recording multiple times over the same area into a Track Stack hosting Drum Machine Designer with the Recording Preference for Overlapping Recordings set to Create Tracks no longer replaces the Drum Machine Designer instance with an empty Aux channel.
* Saving a patch based on a new instance of Drum Machine Designer on a track with a custom track name now uses the track name by default.
* Loops placed on the main track of a multi-out Drum Machine Designer track stack now play in sync.
* Drum Machine Designer sub-tracks can now be sorted.
* Subtracks for instances of Drum Machine Designer now reliably show icons when the toggling the stack in the Mixer.
* The Fill Lock setting is now preserved when a Drummer region is copied.

* Using Quick Swipe comping from right to left to close a gap between comp segments in a Take no longer causes the entire Take to be unexpectedly be selected in the comp.
* The Audio File Editor now displays automatically generated Take names as expected.
* Fixes an issue in which Comps in Take Folders could still be edited on tracks with Track Protect enabled.
* Region names in the Project Audio window now reflect Take names shown in Take Folders.
* Fixes an issue where editing Quick Swipe Comping in an audio Take folder could reset fade lengths.
* It is now possible to split multiple selected takes in a disclosed Take folder at the same time.
* Splitting or copying Take regions that have been renamed now appends a number to the name of the new segment.
* New Take regions created by splitting existing Take regions now show up immediately in the Project Audio window.
* Transpose settings in the MIDI region defaults are now applied to recorded Takes.
* Region solo now works for selected Quick Swipe comps in Take folders.
* Take Folders recorded over a tempo change are now the correct lengths.

Track Alternatives
* Option-drag copying of a region while inactive Track Alternatives are visible no longer leaves the bottommost inactive alternative selected.
* Fixes an issue where a region exported from a take folder within a Track Alternative can cause the Track Alternative to not work correctly.
* Recording MIDI to a track showing inactive track alternatives no longer creates aliases on the inactive alternatives.
* It is now possible to record MIDI after recording MIDI and audio simultaneously and then deleting an inactive Track Alternative.
* Dragging an inactive track alternative to the area below the last track in the Tracks Area now creates a new track at the expected location and places the region there.
* A Track Alternative created by Option-dragging an inactive Track Alternative below itself is now fully available in the Track Alternatives menu.

* When a crossfade is edited, the right side of the fade now visibly updates as expected.

Smart Tempo
* Logic now displays a warning to switch the Smart Tempo mode to KEEP when starting a MIDI recording with a cycle enabled in AUTO mode in projects that have no tempo reference.
* The key command “Forward by Bar” in the Smart Tempo Editor now continues to work after the first use.
* There are new key commands to navigate in the Smart Tempo Editor:
* Forward by Bar
* Rewind by Bar
* Forward by Beat
* Rewind by Beat
* Forward 8 Bars
* Rewind 8 Bars
* Smart Tempo editor window now scrolls as expected the selection is extended to the right.
* Audio files created by Bounce in Place now line up to the correct beat position when the “Apply Region Tempo to Project Tempo” command with the “Align downbeat to nearest project downbeat” option is used.
* Moving the anchor for a region in a Smart Tempo Multitrack Set no longer forces the region to be re-bounced.

Sound Library
* It is now possible to use an alias to refer to sound library content manually moved to a non-default location.
* The Sound Library can now be relocated to volumes on Box.
* Choosing an individual Drum Machine Designer Kit piece from the patch library no longer resets the volume of a selected Software Instrument track.

Apple Loops
* The “Wild Dreams Beat 01” Apple Loops now plays back smoothly.
* The Loops Browser now displays Major and Minor key signature modes.
* Sorting by tempo in the Untagged Loops area now works as expected.

* The setting to enable Patch Merging in the Patch Library is now remembered when the library is closed and then reopened.
* The Library now reliably displays the full path for all content.
* The Close button in the Essential Sounds download window now closes the window without stopping the download.
* It is now possible to filter the Sound Library to show patches from specific sound packs.

* Live Loops projects created in GarageBand for iOS/iPadOS now open correctly in Logic.
* When importing Music XML files, Logic now asks whether to import the tempo map or keep the current tempo.
* Logic now supports importing the new Final Cut Pro fcpmld XML file format.
* Drummer regions are no longer created to MIDI regions when importing a Drummer track from another project.
* Logic now properly aligns audio regions from nested compound clips when importing FCPXML files from Final Cut Pro.

* It is now possible to bounce a region to a selected audio track that already contains a region that starts at the bounce position.
* A progress bar now displays when converting multiple audio files to a compressed format in the Project Audio window.
* Bounce in Place now includes content before position 1 1 1 1 in a project.
* Track numbers are now appended correctly when “Export all tracks as audio files” is performed while one or more Take folders are open.
* It is now possible to bounce a region in place to a selected track when the project and region both start at 1 1 1 1.
* Add to Apple Loops Library and Export now generates a 24bit audio file.
* Logic no longer shows a Deep Architecture alert when bouncing a project that contains time signatures with “1” as the numerator and “Beats” enabled in the Metronome setting.
* Audio files exported from a project with a disclosed Take folder now contain tempo and marker information as expected.
* MIDI events in regions retain their correct positions when exported as MIDI files from projects with start position earlier than 1 1 1 1.
* Exporting audio from an extremely long movie now works.
* The Playhead now reliably returns to the original start position after a bounce between locators is performed.

Auto Sampler
* Fixes an issue where Auto Sampler could unexpectedly truncate some notes while sampling when they include delay taps.
* Fixes an issue in which Auto Sampler sometimes would get stuck for a long time recording some notes.

Key Commands
* The Key Command editor now displays Touch Bar icons for those key commands that offer them.
* The key command to toggle the metronome now properly shows the “Metronome Click: Off” notification when the metronome is toggled off.
* The “Apply Transform User Preset X” key commands now update to account for deleted user Transform Sets.
* The Key Commands editor now resets any selections when it is closed and re-opened.
* It is now possible to assign to assign multiple Key Commands to the same MIDI message.
* The “Select muted regions/cells/events” command now only selects muted items within selected regions, or within a marquee selected area.
* Unpacking folders and Take Folders is now performed with the same key command.
* There is now a key command for Custom Row Name in Step Sequencer.
* The Toggle Track Record Enable key command now works when applied to a group that contains an even number of tracks.
* Section headers in the Key Commands window now always remain visible.

Global Tracks
* “Apply Smoothing to Selected Points” in the Tempo Track now works correctly after a tempo point has been manually edited.
* Shift-clicking the lower left corner of a Global Track now resets its height, just as with other tracks.

Impulse Response Utility
* Removing an audio device from the system not being used by Impulse Response Utility no longer causes it to lose connection to the audio device it is using.

Selection-based Processing
* Selection-based Processing now works on Take folders.

Smart Controls
* Smart Controls for the Tresonator patch are now available.
* The Remix FX tab now shows up as expected in the Smart Controls window for the main output track when working in a Live Loops grid.

* Rubberband selecting lyrics or text in page view no longer selects notes in other staves.
* Beams now draw correctly at all zoom levels.
* User created Text Styles can now be deleted from a project.
* Fixes an issue where scores exported to PDF could include unexpected Auto Slurs.
* Notes are now pasted to the correct position in the Score editor in projects that start on a beat sub-division.
* Inserted notes in the Score now immediately display correctly at high zoom levels.

* Track automation can now be copy/pasted in the Piano Roll using key commands.
* The MIDI In button in the Step Record window can no longer be activated if no MIDI region is selected.
* The Event Float window now opens the first time a note is double-clicked in the Piano Roll.
* The function to trim all selected notes to the same position in the Piano Roll now works reliably in all projects.
* MIDI CC data in the Piano Roll automation lane can now be quantized.
* The Event List editor now properly updates to display newly loaded Articulation Sets.
* The Automatic lane in the Step Editor now updates properly when note data is pasted or transposed in the editor.
* Changing note velocities in the Piano Roll automation lane does not affect other non-note MIDI events.
* The Transformer object in the Environment now works properly with 14-bit Pitch Bend data.
* Both notes created by splitting a muted note in the Piano Roll remain muted.

* Undo now works for parameter changes in the Mapped Instrument editor.
* Performing Undo after creating a Software Instrument track no longer causes unexpected changes besides the removal of the instrument track.
* Undo now works for routing changes applied to stomp boxes in the Pedalboard plug-in.
* Changes to the Surround Panner now create Undo steps.
* Changes to Mixer channels with Record Automation with Regions enabled now create undo steps.

* Movie audio is now muted when opening a project that has been saved with a floating Movie window open.
* If the frame rate of a movie is changed while importing, and the audio is not imported as a separate track, a blue frame indicating the video contains embedded audio is now displayed in the global track as expected.
* Videos in saved projects now open in the correct aspect ratio after a project containing a video with a different aspect ratio has been opened.

Logic Remote
* Logic Remote now correctly displays the mute status of Live Loops cells in a Track Stack when the main Folder track is muted.
* Changes to the transposition value of the keyboard in Logic Remote are no longer reset to 0 when a plug-in or plug-in preset are loaded in the channel.
* When an Alchemy track is created using Logic Remote, the Alchemy presets are now shown as expected.
* Logic Remote now reliably shows the currently focused tracks when a group of tracks is selected in Logic.

Control Surface/MIDI Controller support
* The Control Surface preference window now includes a column to display the Lua script version number.
* Control surface buttons now reliably reflect the states of key commands assigned to them.
* Control surfaces now update to show the status of Mute and Solo buttons when a Step Sequencer row is selected,
* LUA scripts can now connect to virtual MIDI ports.
* MIDI device scripts that contain an image of the device no longer show a generic image for the device in Logic.
* Logic now correctly installs support for a connected Launchpad if a Mackie Control device is already installed.
* Adding additional subtracks to a Multi-output Software Instrument in the Live Loops grid no longer creates unexpected empty tracks between the output track and newly created subtracks if a Novation Launchpad is connected.

* Step Input now preserves the MIDI channel sent by an external MIDI device.
* The Playhead and LCD clock display now reliably show the correct position when the cycle zone is moved while playing.
* The Playhead is now visibly in sync with playback when using AirPods Pro with Logic.
* The Playhead now shows the correct position when playing back a very short cycle zone at high zoom levels.
* Fixes an issue where moving regions on different tracks at the same time in Shuffle L or Shuffle R mode sometimes creates unexpected gaps.
* It is no longer possible to copy regions to frozen tracks.
* The “Separate by MIDI Channel” command no longer creates a duplicate track for channel 2.
* When used in a track stack, the “Separate by MIDI Channel” command no longer places new tracks outside the track stack.
* The Metronome Toggle notification now properly indicates the state of the Metronome.
* The main menu now remains fully functional when the Template Picker window is open.
* Clicking a file in the File Browser with a mouse no longer leaves previously selected files highlighted.
* Engaging Track Protect on an armed audio track will now disarm it.
* Control-Option drag and the “Zoom to Fit” key command now reliably show the expected screen area.
* Performing “Separate by MIDI Channel” on a multitimbral Software Instrument track no longer places regions for channels 9-16 on the same instrument track.
* Punch recording in Region Erase or Regions punch mode with a zero length Marquee selection no longer creates unexpectedly long regions.
* Auto Zoom now works as expected when the Cycle zone starts before the start of an open folder in the currently visible area.
* The “Separate by MIDI Channel” command now uses existing sub-channels of a Multi Instrument.
* Aliases created from Folders now contain all the tracks from the original.
* Sustain pedal events performed during playback now override recorded sustain pedal events.
* Text pasted into the Mixer Notes window now properly retains the font and size.
* Fixes an issue where deleting inactive Track Alternatives for a track could cause the view to jump to the top of the Main window.
* The top of Logic’s Main window is no longer partially covered by the Menu Bar in Full Screen mode.
* The playhead now displays at the correct position when switching from Skip Cycle to Cycle mode while playing.
* MIDI Modify in Step Input now works with the Musical Typing keyboard.
* Fixes an issue where option-drag copying a Marquee selected area that encompasses a number of complete regions could truncate some of the resulting copies.
* If the sample rate is changed when creating a new project, the new sample rate remains in effect when creating subsequent new projects.
* META 47 events with values above 127 no longer jump to 127.
* Quick Help settings can now be accessed directly from the Quick Help button in the Control Bar.
* The Clean Up Project command now removes unneeded DUP files resulting from creating audio file backups.
* Tracks with MIDI FX plug-ins are no longer silent if frozen in Source Only mode.
* Sustain events can now be set to more granular values.
* Engaging record with a single-tick length Marquee zone no longer engages Auto Drop.
* MIDI events in track regions are now displayed more consistently at all vertical track zoom levels.
* Regions remain selected when automation view is turned off.
* Fixes and issue where the Create Track sheet could unexpectedly come up again after creating a new track.
* Fixes an issue where Insert Silence could affect automation points before the inserted section of silence.
* Hyperlinks added in Notes fields now open a web browser as expected.
* External MIDI tracks can now be consistently renamed by double-clicking the name in the Track Header.
* “Paste at Original Position” now works correctly when pasting to an earlier position in a track that does not currently contain a region.
* There is a new preference setting to adjust Logic's light/dark appearance independently of the system setting.
* The New Software Instrument Track command no longer creates an Aux track if an Aux patch has been defined as the Default patch in the Library.
* Settings in the File Browser are now retained after the Browser is closed and reopened.
* Fixes an issue where the File Browser could unexpectedly show files hidden by the system.
* Resolves an issue where double-clicking an audio region on a track could select all other regions on the track when Fade Tool Click Zones is enabled.
* The channel display in the Step Input keyboard now displays both digits for MIDI channels 10-16.
* Fixes an issue where freezing a Software Instrument track in Source Only mode could result in a silent audio region.

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Post Mon Oct 18, 2021 1:59 pm


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Post Mon Oct 18, 2021 2:03 pm

They've been busy! But the old plugin UIs still remain. Not a high priority I guess.
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Post Mon Oct 18, 2021 2:54 pm

And freeeeeeeeeee!
One thing that is good for me is they finally allow you to label rows for the step sequencer. Made using 3rd party drums unwieldy.
Not sure about this one, though. I'll sit and watch for a bit.
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Post Mon Oct 18, 2021 4:44 pm

* It is now possible to convert MIDI regions to Step Sequencer Pattern regions.


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Post Mon Oct 18, 2021 6:31 pm

dayjob wrote:
Mon Oct 18, 2021 11:54 am
has this shown up in the app store for anyone yet?
Yes, already downloaded and using it.
Apparently they made a good update to AUv3.
My MIDIFX plug-in which is a App Extension, was showing 8 inputs when trying to load it, now it finally shows 1 input like it should.
Posted that here

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Post Mon Oct 18, 2021 8:10 pm

Remember, "with great power comes great responsibility"
This applies to Dolby Atmos mixes that every Logic user now can do out to the box. However, this is not just a plugin that you can click your way around. Dolby Atmos has a bit of a learning curve and a new mindset, something you have to wrap your head around before diving into that amazing space.

I provide a lot of easy to follow information in my YouTube video "Mixing in Dolby Atmos - How it Works" that I already introduced on this forum.

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Post Mon Oct 18, 2021 9:38 pm

Screen Shot 2021-10-18 at 10.22.11 PM 1.png
Interesting. This is the first time I've seen this in a major DAW. How many others have implemented it?
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Post Mon Oct 18, 2021 10:04 pm

Very impressive improvements to the Logic Sequencer!!

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Post Mon Oct 18, 2021 10:05 pm

Tronam wrote:
Mon Oct 18, 2021 9:38 pm
Interesting. This is the first time I've seen this in a major DAW. How many others have implemented it?
I'm curious what it means. Enabling Midi 2.0 does what exactly?

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Post Mon Oct 18, 2021 11:33 pm

Tronam wrote:
Mon Oct 18, 2021 9:38 pm
Screen Shot 2021-10-18 at 10.22.11 PM 1.png
Interesting. This is the first time I've seen this in a major DAW. How many others have implemented it?
Awesome but how do you get MIDI 2 into it (does it include things like MPE controllers?)

Something many of us have been wanting for a long time it:
The Track Inspector now offers separate MIDI input and output port settings

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Post Tue Oct 19, 2021 12:09 am

Midi 2.0...interesting. So far I only saw it before in a DAW (available for iOS devices and desktop/laptop) called MultiTrackStudio.
Midi 2 gives a lot higher resolution for example.
A part which the developer from the other DAW said:

"...internally the software can already use MIDI 2.0’s higher resolution – something we’ve been waiting on in MIDI for a long, long time. That means 32-bit resolution for controllers and 16-bit resolution for note velocities, they tell us. You can’t export that as a saved MIDI file, because the file format doesn’t exist yet as part of the standard, though presumably, that’s coming."

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Post Tue Oct 19, 2021 2:24 am

aMUSEd wrote:
Mon Oct 18, 2021 11:33 pm

Something many of us have been wanting for a long time it:
The Track Inspector now offers separate MIDI input and output port settings
I was quite excited to see this as I was reading the release notes.

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Post Tue Oct 19, 2021 3:16 am

Cinebient wrote:
Tue Oct 19, 2021 12:09 am
"...internally the software can already use MIDI 2.0’s higher resolution – something we’ve been waiting on in MIDI for a long, long time. That means 32-bit resolution for controllers and 16-bit resolution for note velocities, they tell us. You can’t export that as a saved MIDI file, because the file format doesn’t exist yet as part of the standard, though presumably, that’s coming."
I don't think that's unique. Most DAWs - at least the new ones, like S1 or Bitwig - seem to represent MIDI internally as their own, high-res format and only translate it on-the-fly to official MIDI spec before passing it on to VSTs or external synths.
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