Use Remote Control to single step though chord progression?

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I'm looking for a way to use a single pedal to advance through a chord progression (we're short-handed).

At this time I'm using a 12-step to send chord messages to a b3 plug-in, but I'd like to not have to jump around from pad to pad. Nothing seems to exist for Mac OS to do this; I thought perhaps that Remote Control could send the chords for me and advance to the next chord in the progression each time it received the message sent from a single pedal.

Any thoughts?

Thanks -



I wonder if you could cook up an arduino and some code to send whatever midi notes / progressions you want. I did something similar for games, though I was using two pedals to emulate two different keyboard button presses.


Thanks, d23 - I'm thinking I will have to write something - there is an IOS app that does this, dreamfoot, but there isn't a Mac OS version at this time.


Yeah there are always USB foot pedals you could program against too. I just avoided that route because of lots of complaints about driver issues.

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