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Post Sun Nov 28, 2021 5:22 pm

TL;DW: ZLowpass2 acts more like the Emu e6400 Ultra lowpass in motion, with coefficient interpolation.

Need I even say more?

My Z series filters were hotly sought after by a specific crew of localized Airwindows fans :D but they paid for their relatively high CPU efficiency with a dose of zipper noise, and that's not really a 'close emulation of the classic Emu e6400 Z-Plane filters'. At the time I hadn't worked out the tech involved.

A bunch of plugins and a set of Y series filters (which have their own interesting qualities, in their own right) later… and the Y plugins were the ones I chose to learn the ways of filter coefficient interpolation, and all of it implemented with the Airwindows sound… we have… ZLowpass2!

Oh, and I think some changes I had to make to alter the biquad distortion factors, actually got me CLOSER to the classic-sampler sound.

So this is a sampler filter, designed to give you a seamless blend through several options the real unit offered. It also gives you a HUGE amount of gain on tap, because the DnB folks liked to internally clip stuff in the sampler and then hit the filter with it. Even with the first ZLowpass, I got some special quirks of the sampler represented in the sound. This one's even better, particularly if you're sweeping the controls around to 'play' the sampler EQ. If you want a more glitchy effect for some neuro-sparkle, or if you just want more CPU free, ZLowpass (original) is still there for you. I think if I got ZLowpass2 sounding better for static, unchanging settings, it's not by a lot: it's mostly in motion that this one is meant to shine.

Hope you like it! I'll be working through some of the not-posted yet plugins and will not be addressing the other Z2 filters just yet. I want to hear whether this one's doing its job for you all, as this is probably the keeper (if you automate the controls, and why wouldn't you).

Thank you for bearing with me! There will be more to come. My Patreon keeps me able to do this work :D

download 64 Bit Windows
download Signed M1/Intel Mac AUs.dmg
download Signed M1/Intel Mac VSTs.dmg
download Retro 32 Bit Windows
download Retro PPC/32/64 Mac
download Retro PPC/32/64 Mac
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All this is free and open source under the MIT license, brought to you by my Patreon.

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Post Sun Nov 28, 2021 11:08 pm

Hey Chris, now that Steinberg has announced that VST2 won't be supported in Cubase 12, will you be releasing VST3 versions?

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