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Post Tue Nov 23, 2021 3:16 am

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PROCESS.AUDIO, the software division of, is pleased to announce the release of Decibel, the most comprehensive, flexible and powerful audio metering software on the market.


One of Decibel’s ground-breaking features is its free companion app for iOS and Android. Open it on a smartphone or tablet, link it to the Decibel desktop application or plugin over WI-FI, and the mobile app will mirror the meter display. Link as many devices as you want. Now you can have multiple synced hardware meters running simultaneously in your studio.



What’s more, with Decibel’s ability to function as both a plugin and a desktop app, you can have the former open on your master bus and the latter displaying levels coming from any other desktop audio source. Compare levels with Spotify, YouTube, audio editors and more, making level comparisons much more accurate.

Designed by award-winning engineers, Decibel features an extensive selection of meters in a completely customizable and resizable user interface. Configure as many or as few meters as desired and resize each one within the window. You can even select a custom color scheme.

Available meters include LUFS, Digital Peak and RMS, VU, Phase Scope, Spectrum Analyzer, Histogram and Target Validators for LUFS, LRA and Integrated LUFS. Also included is the Super Meter, which combines LUFS, True Peak Max and PROCESS.AUDIO’s own TrueDyn, the most accurate dynamic range measurement available today.

Drag and drop audio files onto Decibel’s GUI, and it does a high-speed analysis of the audio in seconds. It then displays LUFS, LRA and True Peak readings. You can even export text-file reports of the meter results.


Choose from a vast selection of factory presets covering stereo, mid-side and even surround meters. Between its ability to appear on multiple screens, its customizable GUI and its vast selection of meters, Decibel is a game-changer for tracking, mixing, mastering, video soundtrack creation or any audio post-production audio task. It’s poised to become the audio metering companion for every engineer, recording musician and video maker.


- Compatible on iOS (13 minimum) & Android (7 minimum).
- Professional stereo and 5.1 audiometers for mixing, mastering, and post production.
- Low latency connectivity via WI-FI or USB connectivity for high accuracy real-time analysis.
Compatible with all main DAWs (Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic Pro X, Ableton, Studio One, Luna)
- All plugin formats (64 bits) AU, VST3, AAX, and standalone
- High-speed offline analysis based on PROCESS.AUDIO measurement algorithms.
- Fully customizable Super Meter,Phase Scope, Spectrum Analyzer, and various modules that provide all essential audio monitoring information.
- Tracking LUFS Histogram to check loudness level, clipping & audio dynamics across time.
- State-of-the-art Super Meter including True Peak meter, LUFS, and TrueDyn measurements.
- Exportable statistics and overview for all key audio monitoring measuring parameters.
- Compliant with all major broadcast standards including ATSC A/85 and EBU R128, NETFLIX & DVD BLUE-RAY.
- Compatible with Premiere Pro (DaVinci and Final Cut Pro coming soon)
- Spectrum Analyzer to check frequency content of your sound, including a mid-side stereo real-time analysis
- Fully customizable skins, colors, targets, and layout.
- Designed and engineered by the PROCESS.AUDIO & pureMix teams.
- Precision stereo/surround correlation meter with Phase Scope.
- Configuration VU Meter with needle overshoot algorithm integrated.


Decibel is available now for Mac and Windows computers for $149 from the PROCESS.AUDIO website. Download a free 30-day trial and experience this powerful new software for yourself. Your metering will never be the same

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Post Mon Nov 29, 2021 3:03 am

Hi guys!
We have a new update on Decibel

- Fix Pro Tools CPU spikes on play / pause.
- Fix potential True Peak calculation errors on launch.
- Fix Numeric Box responsiveness.
- Fix VU Meter volume compensation in SUM mode.
- Fix Decibel Monitoring core audio driver (OSX only) forcing its previous sample rate on launch. It will now adapt its sample rate to the selected converters.
- Fix Histogram timescale showing wrong values in time code mode.
- Upgrade LUFS analysis capacity to 7.1 signals.

Have fun and of course new top updates will be coming soon around Xmas

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