Pitch Monster - do you use it creatively? (Gross Beat addition?)

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Post Tue Nov 30, 2021 8:27 am

hey guys, i always peeped at this plugin and i use a lot of times FL studios gross beat to quickly pitch something but it is of course limitd in this section, right now i see Pitch Monster sounds VERY? fluid when pitching up or down and even the chord function seems i can add e.g. + and - semitones the same time instead of layering 3 times a sample via this plugin i just need this one.
im still unsure if this really is enough for me, the formant and vocoder option i dont see any usage so far, so is pitchmonster JUST a simple pitch shifting programm or do you have any other tips to try?

yes i want to buy it but i cannot justify it yet so give me some no-excuse to get it ;D
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