FREE Fantomas V2.010 sound set for the Roland Fantom X range!

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Post Mon Apr 18, 2011 10:03 am

Last year I decided to make a new sound bank for the Roland Fantom X range with FAT analog and VA sounds.

The idea was to release this sound bank as a commercial bank but I decided to release it for FREE.

I would appreciate it if you donate a small amount via PAYPAL if you find the sounds useful via the paypal donate link link on .
A lot of sampling, looping ( 765 Samples) and programming was done during the last few months.

You are allowed to use the sounds wherever you want, also commercially but you do not become the owner! If you should use them in a tune on youtube or any other audio/video streaming site
it's advisable you would mention the use of Fantomas v2.010 but it's not an obligation.
You are not allowed to upload Fantomas v2.010 on file sharing sites, on your personal site, convert the samples or sell them!
It's not because I offer them for free you can do whatever you want with this sound set & samples!

Fantomas v2.010 contains over 700 new seamlessly looped samples capturing the complete sound spectrum for each multisample.
Strings and pads have room to breathe, leads cut through every mix, "analog" sounds "analog", lush pads, no overkill of reverb.
Loop quality, sound quality (but not quantity) and useability was the target when creating the sounds.
I'm sure you'll agree your Roland Fantom X will sound different. You have 130 sounds to choose from.
Also included are the 3 first presets of the Polymoog 280A keyboard already available in all major sample formats at my site: .(Vox Humana, String1 and String2)
Gary Numan fans rejoice. "Vox Humana", 76 note polyphonic on you fantom X7 just like on the original PK 280A.
This sound set is for every Roland Fantom X(r) user who loves analog & (fat) digital sounds. All samples and sounds are analog or VA!
If you are into Sax, violin, trumpet,… Fantomas v2.010 is not for you.

Roland Fantom owners: X6,X7,X8 and Xr (not sure, but Fantom S should work too as all used samples are loaded from CF card)
You will need a Compact flash (or SD) PCMCIA card adapter + CF card (or SD) with at least 256 Mb to store the sounds + samples.
Your Fantom should have at least 256 Mb SD RAM 100Mhz or 133 Mhz. Fantomas v2.010 is 150 Mb in size and will not load in the standard 32 Mb RAM!
The only thing you have to do is unzip the file and overwrite the files on a "on your Fantom" formatted CF card.
Please reckon with 7 minutes loading time… A UPS is advisable if you want to use the sounds on stage.
During the loading process it's advised not to play the keys.

I hope you understand I do not have the time to answer every question as I just do not have the time or English knowledge for it. For installation problems please check the forums on the internet.

Fantom-G users…
As far as I know there is no conversion program to convert the sounds from X to G though they have largely the same sound and programming engine.

I thank Artemiy Pavlov from the rolandclan forum (for his superb member support over the years), Extreme sample converter for being an excellent (and bug free!) conversion program.
Yase for being a big help converting the samples in Fantom-X format, Emu EmulatorX2 and Image Line's Edison for the looping and audio processing.

Download here:

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Post Mon Apr 18, 2011 10:18 am

It's a generous gift Vstream. Thank you!


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Post Mon Apr 25, 2011 10:13 am

I have just noticed a small mistake in patch number CARD: 020
This is probably one of the best sounds in the set as it layers the 3 polymoog keyboard string sounds + a VP 330 string sound resulting in a unique but very warm analog string sound.

Tone 3: should be Multisample CARD 3 instead of INT A piano
Tone 4: should be Multisample CARD 55 instead of INT A piano.

I'm uploading the corrected version now.
Sorry for that.

Mr Arkadin
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Post Mon Apr 25, 2011 1:10 pm

I wish I owned a Fantom now - this sounds great.

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Post Tue Aug 10, 2021 5:23 am

This is a REALLY old thread but the website the post points to is dead. Anyone have the content still?


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Post Sat Dec 04, 2021 3:31 am

Did you end up getting the content? I am a new Fantom x8 owner and wanted to get it. Thank you in advance!

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