Physical Modelling?

How to make that sound...


Hi, if you haven't already figured this one out, I have some pointers!

With these Max for Live devices, you can make multiple instances of a monophonic synth playable polyphonically using an Instrument Rack.

This one is free, but any single notes that are played will end up being routed to just one of your channels. Meaning if you aren't playing multiple notes at once, you will only ever hear one note at a time.

This paid solution (it's $5 for more than 4 voices, well worth it imo) gives you proper polyphonic cycling support so you can cycle between voices, meaning notes played one at a time will ring out.
4 voices for free: ... litter-2-0
16 voices for 5 bucks:

If you go with the Steve Schmidt devices, you'll need to use one of these on each of your "voices" within the rack to recieve MIDI data.

Just remember to set your Corpus MIDI input to the "Post FX" input for the specific channel you're on, and everything should work.

Here's a pic of the rack setup I've been using:


MSoundfactory has combfilters and modal filters that let you do all sorts of things. You can't send audio into it, but it has a sampler, so if you want to import a sound and play it though the physical modeling stuff you can. It is also modular, so you can combine as many instances as you like(or as your CPU can handle).


rift feedback lite is free and does this


Have you looked at Virta by Madrona Labs, same people that make Kaivo?
It doesn't use physical modelling but you can pass audio through it and make some very cool sounds.
I've been trying out the demo version just recently and saving up my pennies to buy it. The vid on their site focuses on the vocoder aspects but there're a couple of good vids on youtube of people using it on instruments.

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