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Post Sun Nov 14, 2021 6:31 am

Is out - nice update and great to have a more usable GUI size now ... sonics-ii/

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Post Mon Nov 15, 2021 1:19 am

I posted my first impressions in, I just copy the same thing here as well:

I already loved and regularly used the first version, so I decided to pull the trigger and upgrade while the intro offer is on. Here are my first impressions after a good few hours of playing around with this new version:

1. The usual great quality new samples, exactly what I was expecting from Soniccouture. For example what you can do with samples from the the new Marine Life category is absolutely insane, extremely inspiring sounds and noises.

I always found it difficult to find quality underwater sound samples. Often there is a huge "floor noise" and underwater samples often have a weird spatial character to them, as if the recording microphone was placed in a "tube" (I guess this character is created by the protective device around the mic to protect it from water, but I'm not sure). This "tube"-y character makes those underwater sounds very difficult to put in any more dense musical context, usually they are only useful in solo. Now that's not the case here, these recordings are gorgeous. I also played around with some of these marine samples in some other tools, eg. creating modulated spectral filtering chains with light distortions, some delays...(you can do these kind of sounds easily in Bitwig, in iZotope's Iris 2, in iZotope RX or in Melda's MXXX)... fantastic weird sound creatures. With some layering these are gold, as original as anything I've ever heard.

2. Using these new sounds in any wavetable synths that allow wavetable import can create extremely surprising and creatively inspiring results. And these sounds are not "style" specific, these are not only for film/media composers. I can easily imagine these sound creations in some EDM styles, in some creative modern electronic music genres.

3. The "prism" XY pad in the middle of the main screen looks like a gimmicky idea but it works exceptionally well. It is basically a 3 cornered XY pad with a nice graphic design. You can "crossfade" between 3 sounds to create interesting balance between 2 pitched elements and the field recording. This is much more useful than I thought. I put a film scene on a loop while playing around with crossfade movements on this prism by hand, than when I find the movement that follows precisely the action on the screen than I record the "prism" motion. Extremely simple and useful. Prior to this I had to program these motions in the DAW, in case of 3 different sounds one by one, so recording 3 automation fader rides. Now with the Prism I can do all this with the Prism inside Geosonics.

4. I much prefer the new GUI, it is more logical and obvious than the previous one. And this is not only the case as far as the main window but pretty much all other sections are redesigned and I find them much better (the FX page GUI, the GUI of the generative tools...) This major GUI improvement speeds up the workflow immensely.

5. Some useful ideas in the generative tools section. For example the Jammer sections Evolve mode (basically an arpeggiator with movement/variation in pitch, timing, rhythm...) can create results I usually program in Bitwig. Again, even though I could achieve the same/same-ish results in a DAW, it just makes the workflow faster to do all this in Geosonics itself.

6. Correct upgrade pricing. Especially at this intro offer price, no regret whatsoever upgrading.

1. Small knob sizes, especially on the main page.

2. The GUI still has huge screen space areas that are completely functionless. These areas of the GUI are just covered by a beautiful background pick, eating up computer screen real estate without any benefit. (To be honest, quiet a few other Soniccouture products - like their Celecte, Vibraphone, Array Mbira...- suffer from this problem of a pic eating up computer screen without any real functional benefit.) Even though they look beautiful, all these Soniccouture products could benefit hugely from a bit more economical computer screen real estate design.

To sum it up: Geosonics was already my favorite "nature sound" sample pack/instrument. Geosonics II is a major improvement so I'm obviously not disappointed at all, very happy I upgraded. A lot of the version I GUI problems are solved, plus there are loads of easily tweakable extremely useful new sounds. Well worth it for anyone who loves/needs these "nature"-y sounds.

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Post Mon Nov 15, 2021 12:06 pm

this thing is insane

I had to delete a few things to accomodate it, but fuggit.
haven't used the original in around 3 yrs, I now have enough muscle to use it in a project with a ton of stuff loaded.

the power under the hood is unbelievable

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Post Mon Nov 15, 2021 4:25 pm

This was a nice surprise and an instant buy for the $49 upgrade price.

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Post Wed Dec 08, 2021 2:14 am

I was gonna post how I really wished that Soniccouture would make a GS2 compatible version of the Strange Geographie pack... and then after quickly checking - they did just that since last time I checked. Nice.

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Post Wed Dec 08, 2021 2:24 am

I'm pretty sure that was there already when I first bought it

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