Future Sounds V1 For Logic Pro X Alchemy

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Post Wed Dec 08, 2021 5:32 pm

NatLife Sounds inspired to present you with a real banger soundpack - Future Sounds V1 For Logic Pro X Alchemy
The project contains a pack of over 400+ morphed sounds from 50 Preset patches. It also includes 4 Logic Pro X Templates in one, and tons of automatization, which shows you well how to do a real banger transition between Performed sounds. No matter what style of music you working on, the sound library can cover any of your sound dreams. Just move your hand with a Perform section and you will see the beauty of sound morphing.


You can’t even imagine how much each sound in this library can change. From typical Moog bass to unimaginable lush Pad‘s. We can’t name our sound as Bass or Pluck, just because with the next Perform step it will be a Cinematic FX!

All the pack contains:
  • 50 Alchemy Presets with 8 Perform variations per sound. In other words, it’s = 400 sounds.
  • Logic Pro X Templates cover 4 Demo Tracks (Progressive Trance, Dark Techno, House & Ambient styles) in it.
Drum sounds directly from Logic Pro X Ultrabeat and Drum Machine Designer


No third-party plugins in Template were used, and no samples were used in presets

Required: Logic Pro X 10.6.3+
Compatibility: Apple Logic Pro X (Template & Presets)
iOS MainStage and GarageBand (Presets only!)

Buy Link!

VST & Hardware presets, FL Studio templates, samples and MIDI from NatLife & friends -www.natlifesounds.com

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Post Sat Dec 11, 2021 4:25 am

Some really nice audio examples there!! I remember loving Alchemy back in the Camel Audio days. It’s still capable of so many different types of sounds via the remix pads... such a cool feature.

I think any Logic Pro X user owes it to themselves to to explore the possibilities with this amazing synth. Nice work!! :tu:

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