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The DX Story

FM Synthesis - the magic formula for the sound of the 80s

With just three letters, the Japanese instrument manufacturer Yamaha makes music history in the early 80s: the DX7 is launched. A keyboard instrument with a completely new sound aesthetic. The magic word is FM synthesis, invented by Dr. John M. Chowning at Stanford University in California.

This book tells the exciting story of the DX7, from the very beginning. How the inventor discovered FM synthesis rather by accident, researched it, and was initially rebuffed by the industry. And then finally finds a competent partner in Yamaha. Together they tinker and develop, many prototypes are necessary, until finally the original DX7 is constructed. This changes the modern music landscape practically overnight, because the typical FM sounds are the trademark of many successful productions of the 80s.

Klaus P. Rausch, that's me, has known the DX7 from day one. Back then, he fearlessly dived into the complex depths of the FM wonderbox and figured out how to program it without despairing of the algorithms as a musician. He summarized this knowledge in the legendary DX7 Primer, which has helped many keyboardists achieve those gloriously bell-like, juicy chart-compatible sounds.

From the contents:

- All instruments of the DX generation with profile and many photos.
- Exclusive foreword by Dr. John M. Chowning
- The fascinating DX logbook from 1983 to 1989
- Interviews with Dave Bristow, Reinhold Heil, Hubertus Maass, Klaus Schrön
- Overviews of sounds, software, tutorials
- 3rd party products, expansions, addresses, websites
- 190 pages, 140 photos and illustrations

Can be bought at epubli and via Amazon and your local book store.

For this book I have also created an extra website page, besides the information about it this page also offers direct links to my articles about DX creation published at the musician magazine Amazona, as well as over 40 best-of links to sources for sounds, audio and video demos as well as tutorials and manuals. this page is here
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